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Green Acres Policies for Survey Approval

"" Green Acres Policies for Approval of Surveys

NJDEP Green Acres has compiled a document supplementing the Standard Scope of Survey Work, addressing survey policies affecting surveyors who perform work directly or indirectly for Green Acres and those who contract to obtain that survey work. Sections within this policy document address the following topics:

  • The purpose of and principles guiding Green Acres survey reviews
  • Topographic surveys
  • Freshwater wetland surveys
  • Environmental Infrastructure Funding Program (EIFP) surveys
  • Public road rights of way and rivers
  • Private rights of way and easements
  • Green Acres as an Ultimate User of surveys
  • EIFP participation
  • Determining encumbered area
  • Survey certifications
  • Property corner markers
  • Monumentation in general
  • Overlaps and gores
  • Deeds running to centerline of public road rights–of–way
  • Variable width road rights of way
  • Paper streets (lack of vacation ordinance
  • Waters and waterways
  • Cemeteries
Policy and Procedures Addendum to Survey Scope of Survey Services (July 2013), PDF, revised to December 2015

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