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NJ-GeoWeb Geology Profile is an interactive mapping application that provides information about New Jersey's Geology, Aquifers, Well Head Protection Areas, Earthquake Epicenters, Abandoned Mines, Landslides and more.

Earthquakes layer updated.

Maps and Publications Sales New

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List of Geologic Maps by USGS Quadrangle | USGS 7.5 min Quadrangle Index Map of New Jersey

OFM 109, Bedrock Geologic Map of the Hackensack Quadrangle, Passaic and Bergen Counties, New Jersey, Volkert, Richard A., 2015, scale 1 to 24,000, size 26x34, 1 cross-section and 2 figures. Price $10.00. Download PDF (3.31 MB) (11-18-15)

OFM 107, Bedrock Geologic Map of the Hightstown Quadrangle, Middlesex and Mercer Counties, New Jersey, Sugarman, Peter J., Stanford, Scott D., Monteverde, Donald H., and Volkert, Richard A., 2015, scale 1 to 24,000, size 32x57, 3 cross-sections, 2 figures, and 1 table. Price $10.00. Download PDF (1.15 MB) (10-15-15)

OFM 108, Geology of the Indian Mills Quadrangle, Burlington County, New Jersey, Stanford, Scott D., 2015, scale 1 to 24,000, size 36x48, 3 cross-sections, 4 figures, 2 tables, and a 4-page pamphlet. Price $10.00. Download PDF (1.85 MB) (10-9-15)

OFM 106, Bedrock Geologic Map of the New Jersey Parts of the Greenwood Lake and Sloatsburg Quadrangles, Sussex, Passaic, and Bergen Counties, New Jersey, Volkert, Richard A., 2015, scale 1 to 24,000, size 24x59, 1 cross-section and  4 figures.  Price $10.00. Download PDF (1.01 MB) (8-28-15)

GMS 15-1, Geologic Map of the Stockton Quadrangle, Hunterdon County, New Jersey, Donald H. Monteverde, Gregory C. Herman, Scott D. Stanford and Steven Spayd, 2015, scale 1:24,000, size 36x48, 2 cross-sections and  2 figures.  Price $10.00. Download PDF (3.54 MB) (7-30-15)

Bedrock Geologic Map of New Jersey 2014, Dalton, Richard F., Monteverde, Donald H., Sugarman, Peter J., and Volkert, Richard A., compilers, 2014, scale 1 to 250,000, size 37x47, 5 cross-sections. Price $20.00.

GEODATA Digital Geodata Series

DGS 04-1 Earthquakes Epicentered in New Jersey (2-19-2016)

DGS15-1 Bedrock Geology of New Jersey (Scale 1:24,000) (11-18-2015)

DGS 06-3 Landslides in New Jersey (7-7-2015)

DGS09-2 Coastal Plain Sediments with Potential to Form Acid (Sulfate) Soilsupdated(6-30-2015)

DGS10-3 New Jersey Water Transfer Model Withdrawal, Use, and Return Dataupdated(6-25-2015)

Free Publications to Download

Newsletter (Adobe™ PDF files)

Newsletter Vol. 11 No.1. (2015). (9-15-2015)

On-Line Information

OFR 15-1, Potable Water Supplied in 2011 by New Jersey’s Highlands, Desai, Foram, Domber, Steven, and Snook, Ian, 2015, 30 p., 3 illus., and 3 tables. Download PDF.

2015 Summary of Statemap Geologic Mapping Program in New Jersey. Adobe™ PDF file. Updated (8-28-2015)

GSR 42, Borehole Geophysical Logs and Geological Interpretation of Two Deep, Open Boreholes in the Passaic Formation, Elizabeth City, Union County, New Jersey by Gregory C. Herman, Mark A. French, and John F. Curran, 2015, 27 p., 18 illus., 3 tables, and 2 appendices. Download (14.5MB) (7-30-2015)

TM 14-1, Nitrate Concentrations in Groundwater of New Jersey’s Highlands, Hoffman, Jeffrey L. and Petriman, Alexandra, 2014, 23 pages, 7 illus., 12 tables, and 1 appendix. Download PDF (2.8 MB) UpdatedRevised, 2015.(12-3-2015)

Information Circulars (Adobe™ PDF files)

Historical Publications

Map: The Province of New Jersey, Divided into East and West, commonly called The Jerseys, 1777. (1.4 MB) (10-21-2015)

Map: The State of New Jersey, 1877 - Population of New Jersey (659 KB) (10-21-2015)

Earth Science Week


Celebrate Earth Science Week (October 9-16, 2016). Theme: Our Shared Geoheritage.

The Earth Science Week site contains Tips for Participants, Student Activities, Education Standards, Proclamations,
Press Releases, Links and other information.

Last revised February 19 2016.

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