P2 Resources

The Pollution Prevention Resource Exchange (P2Rx™) is a consortium of eight regional pollution prevention information centers. These centers all provide pollution prevention information, networking opportunities and other services to States, local governments and technical assistance providers in their region. The centers represent a broad constituency, which contributes to an overall breadth of P2 information and opportunities.

SAGE is a comprehensive guide designed to provide pollution prevention information on solvent and process alternatives for parts cleaning and degreasing. SAGE does not recommend any ozone depleting chemicals.

CAGE is a pollution prevention tool for paints and coatings users. The Coatings Guide™ contains several tools to help users identify low-volatile organic compound/hazardous air pollutant coatings that may serve as drop-in replacements for existing coating operations.

The Toxics Use Reduction Institute helps Massachusetts companies and communities find innovative, cost effective ways to reduce toxic chemical use at the source, rather than treat wastes once produced.

PNEAC is your direct conduit to experts and reliable information on environmental issues related to the printing, publishing and packaging industry.

The National Pollution Prevention Roundtable, is the largest membership organization in the United States devoted solely to pollution prevention (P2). [The mission of the Roundtable is to provide a national forum for promoting the development, implementation, and evaluation of efforts to avoid, eliminate, or reduce pollution at the source.]

Enviro$en$e provides a single repository for pollution prevention, compliance assurance, and enforcement information and data bases. The search engine searches multiple web sites (inside and outside the EPA), and offers assistance in preparing a search.

A guide to hundreds of Pollution Prevention resources on the internet




A member of the Pollution Prevention Resource Exchange (P2Rx) network of regional centers, the Waste Reduction Resource Center provides pollution prevention technical support to the states in EPA Regions III and IV.

As a part of P2Rx, NEWMOA contains searchable databases of regional pollution prevention, solid waste, and waste site cleanup information. In addition, a rapid response service, subject specific resource guides or Hubs, and up-to-date information on NEWMOA workgroup activities are available.

The Significant New Alternatives Policy (SNAP) Program is EPA's program to evaluate and regulate substitutes for ozone-depleting chemicals being phased out under the stratospheric ozone protection provisions of the Clean Air Act (CAA). The purpose of the program is to allow a safe, smooth transition away from ozone-depleting compounds by identifying substitutes that offer lower overall risks to human health and the environment.