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School Construction Program

Permit Coordination & Environmental Review

This Office was established to improve service to permit applicants by way of better communication, coordination and identification of pollution prevention opportunities early in the permitting process. Using the ONE STOP Process, the intent is to work closely with the regulated communities to assure that the permits necessary for each project result in additional environmental value.

ONE STOP is a total facility approach; a coordinated permitting and compliance assistance process. A permittee can now turn to one source to identify all permits required for a development or significant facility start-up or expansion project and maintain consistent contact throughout the process. This process will allow the Department to provide better customer service to the public and regulated entities.

The Office provides assistance to those new major construction, development and remediation projects, which are complex in the number, variety and timing of permits required to initiate and complete their projects. A project team, comprised of permitting and compliance and enforcement staff, will review permits, identify any additional pollution prevention measures that may reduce costs and improve the efficiency of the facility, and provide compliance assistance to new and existing facilities.

Once the permits are issued, an environmental overview document is prepared which summarizes requirements for compliance monitoring, record keeping and reporting according to a designated compliance schedule. An environmental overview site visit is then conducted by the project team, who review the document with the facility, to provide multi-media compliance assistance. Regular inspections follow the initial environmental overview site visit.

Additionally, the program coordinates the Departmental reviews of Environmental Assessment(EA) and Environmental Impact Statements (EIS) that have been prepared pursuant to regulatory requirements of the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) and New Jersey Executive Order No. 215 of 1989 (EO#215).

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