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Abbott District School Construction Program

On July 18, 2000 the New Jersey Educational Facilities Construction and Financing Act (the "Act") was signed into law. It will result in the State’s investment of $8.6 billion in public school construction in New Jersey over the next decade, including full funding by the State of all school renovation and construction projects in 30 special needs school districts, known as the Abbott school districts. Full facilities funding for the eligible costs in the 30 Abbott school districts was ordered by the New Jersey Supreme Court so that students in these school districts could receive a thorough and efficient education, an explicit requirement of the New Jersey Constitution. The New Jersey Schools Construction Corporation (SCC), a subsidiary of the New Jersey Economic Development Authority, is charged with the responsibility to implement the School Construction Program. This program assists Abbott Districts with evaluating the feasibility and appropriateness of potential school construction sites.

The Abbott School Inventory
The DEP is working closely with the SCC, the Department of Education and other partners to provide Abbott district municipalities the information and services they need to meet the school construction challenges ahead. As part of these services, DEP has prepared an inventory for each Abbott District locating different types of major facilities regulated by the DEP. This information will help municipalities select sites that will protect students and will move rapidly through the site assessment and permitting phases. Facilities located on these inventories are generally the largest in the state and may have stored and managed toxic and hazardous substances. In addition, these inventories locate areas that may have restrictions due to Green Acres funding and requirements.

The Abbott School inventories are part of an early screening process to help select appropriate school sites. Once a site passes this early screening step, a more detailed evaluation is conducted to ensure that any contamination is remediated and the site meets all environmental requirements.

The Fact Sheet below describes the types of regulated facilities, contaminated sites, and open space areas located on the Abbott School inventory. It also lists details on the substances and pollutants regulated by various programs in the DEP.

Abbott School District Environmental Features Fact Sheet & Legend Symbol Reference Key

Inventory (These inventories are not for regulatory purposes, but to serve as a resource for analysis.)

Numerous proposed school sites have already passed the early screening step and have been established as SCC projects, with DEP's continued involvement. Following the DEP's desire to keep the public informed on the status of these projects, the Site Remediation Program's Bureau of Case Management - Schools Construction Projects Team has prepared a Project Tracking Report as a summary of SCC project cases as they progress through the environmental review and remediation process. The Project Tracking Report is organized and searchable by County and City and will be updated as data from the existing sites is uploaded to the reporting system and as new project sites are added by the SCC.

To view the above PDF documents you will need the Adobe Reader® software to view. Left-click on the link and they will open. Or, right-click on the link and select "Save Target As" to save the document to your hard drive or personal directory. You can download the free Adobe Reader® software here.

To zoom in on a section of an inventory, use the zoom tool. Select the Zoom tool on the left side of the tool bar, go to the area on the inventory you want to Zoom in on, hold down the left mouse button and draw a box around that area.

To print an inventory, go to file and select print. When the print parameters window appears, check off the box "Shrink oversized pages to paper size", then click on ok.

If you have questions about this site, please contact the Office of Permit Coordination and Environmental Review at 609-292-3600.

  • For guidance on completion of an environmental screen report for a proposed school location or an environmental impact statement for a school design and location, please contact the School Construction Corporation Land Acquisition Unit at 609-341-5953. ATTN: Larry Schmidt.
  • For guidance regarding the identification and issuance of any permits required for the project from the Department of Environmental Protection, please refer to the permit identification form.
  • Get information regarding the DEP's Environmental Justice program here.
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