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Green Communities Grant

Green Communities Grant Application [PDF 623 KB]

Communities that need assistance in creating a Community Forestry Management Plan (CFMP) are eligible for the Green Communities grant. The grant is offered every year for municipalities and counties. Currently the grants are up to $3,000 with a 100% match, than can be made of in-kind and volunteer hours at the federal volunteer rate.

How does my community benefit from the Act?
A Community Forestry Management Plan(CFMP) is an essential guide to successfully achieving a healthy, economically efficient, and safe community forest. A CFMP may lead to increased community safety, lower tree hazard problems, decreased tree maintenance and removal costs, less emergency tree calls, increased tree benefits, reduced municipal cost (not just tree related), and develop a proactive, not reactive approach to tree/forest management. It also helps communities prioritize limited financial resources to optimize goals, objectives, and results.  Every community in the State is unique in its tree needs from our urban towns and centers to our rural farm communities; from the mountains, to New Jersey’s coastal shores. The CFMP guidelines (based on the Act), take into account the diversity of our State so every municipality or county will have an effective CFMP that is specifically tailored to their needs. 

Benfits of a State approved Community Forestry Management Plan:

 Liability Protection under the New Jersey Shade Tree and Community Forestry Assistance Act

 Grant Opportunities from the Community Stewardship Incentive Program

 Environmental & Economic Benefits that trees give your community

For more information regarding the Green Communities Grant email carrie.sargeant@dep.nj.gov


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