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New Jersey Forest Nursery

The New Jersey Forest Nursery grows over 25 evergreen and deciduous tree and shrub seedling species in Jackson, NJ. The nursery sells bareroot tree seedlings through the Seedlings for Reforestation program, in packs of 100.


Seedlings for Reforestation

2015 Nursery Catalog

The reforestation program provides public and private landowners tree seedlings for reforestation. Reforestation is important part of conservation in New Jersey's forests.

  • Seedlings available in both conifer and hardwood species
  • There is no minimum acreage required to be eligible to buy seedlings
  • Minimum order is 100 seedlings, or one packet
  • Orders accepted from December to April 1
  • Delivery/Pickup between March 15 and April 30

Please note: the species listed on this web site are provided as a guide only and may not reflect the actual nursery stock. Contact the nursery at (732) 928-0029 for an up to date listing of available seedlings. Trees must be planted in New Jersey. Trees are not allowed to be resold as christmas trees or nursery stock.

  Available to Packet size Types available Order by Cost Shipping
Seedlings for Reforestation any New Jersey Landowner

100 seedling/packet
1 species per pack

Variety of oak, confier, or hardwood & shrub species April 1 $25-$40/pack depends on species No shipping must be picked up at locations across the state
Read Bareroot Seedling Planting and Care [pdf 943k] to help make your conservation plantings a success.

Tube-seedlings for Arbor Day

Please view Tube Seedling Order Form for ordering information.

The New Jersey Forest Service has been promoting Arbor Day statewide since 1949, when the New Jersey Legislature designated the last Friday in April as the official day to honor trees and the people who take care of them.

The Tube Seedling program gives communities and groups an affordable way to celebrate Arbor Day.


    • Come 98 to a tray
    • Arrive in 8" recyclable tubes
    • Delivered by UPS

Third Grade Tree Team

Please view Third Grade Tree Team Order Form for ordering information.

This state wide program entitles every third grader in New Jersey to a free tree seedling when requested by the local school. It acquaints young students with the value and importance of trees, increasing environmental awareness and teaches students about the benefits of trees. The seedlings are a perfect way to get students involved in environmental activities, especially during Earth Day and Arbor Day.

  • Trees are available in April.
  • Schools must register by March 15.

View How to Care for and Plant Third Grade Trees for help planting your 3rd Grade trees.



Collect acorns for the NJ Forest Nursery

  • Identify a red oak, pin oak, or chestnut oak tree
  • Collect acorns in plastic milk jugs without the cap or loosely tied plastic bags
  • Do not mix species - one species per bag
  • Keep your collection cool and dry until you drop it off to an Acorn Drop-off Point (listed below)
  • To ensure we can use your acorns, please drop them off within 10 days

Keep acorns dry and cool so they do not sprout. Sprouted acorns are not viable. Although we do have other oak species in New Jersey, the nursery only needs acorns from pin oak, red oak, and chestnut oak.

Mercer County Soil Conservation District
508 Hughs Drive Hamilton Square
(609) 586 -9603

Mays Landing
555 Atlantic Ave , Mays Landing

Washington Crossing State Park
Route 546 at 579 Titusville, Mercer County at the Nature Center
(609) 737-0609.

Drop-off points

NJ Forest Nursery
370 East Veterans Highway, Jackson
(732) 928 0029

240 Main Street, Andover
(973) 786-5035

Brendan Byrne State Park
Route 72, New Lisbon
(609) 726-1621