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LE-12-001 Lease Map
Soil Rate Map-001a_SV
LE-12-001 Minimum Bid

D&R Canal


LE-12-006A Lease Map
Soil Rate Map-006A_SV
LE-12-006A Minimum Bid


LE-12-006B Lease Map
Soil Rate Map-006B_SV
LE-12-006B Minimum Bid


LE-12-008 Lease Map
Soil Rate Map-008a_SV
Soil Rate Map-008b_SV
LE-12-008 Minimum Bid


LE-12-048 Lease Map
Soil Rate Map-048ab_SV
LE-12-048 Minimum Bid


LE-12-083 Lease Map
Soil Rate Map-083a_SV
LE-12-083 Minimum Bid

Monmouth Battlefield


LE-12-018 Lease Map
Soil Rate Map-018a_Map1
Soil Rate Map-018a_Map2
LE-12-018 Minimum Bid

Round Valley


A CHANGE HAS BEEN MADE TO THIS PARCEL                                
10 ACRES in Block 14, Lot 13 will not be available until July 1, 2013. 
An adjustment (deduction) in rent for the first lease year will be made.


LE-12-021 Lease Map1 (REVISED)

LE-12-021 Lease Map2
Soil Rate Map-021a_SV
Soil Rate Map-021b_SV
Soil Rate Map-021c_SV
Soil Rate Map-021d_SV
Soil Rate Map-021e_SV
Soil Rate Map-021f_SV
LE-12-021 Minimum Bid


LE-12-022 Lease Map
Soil Rate Map-022a_Map1
Soil Rate Map-022a_Map2
Soil Rate Map-022b_SV
LE-12-022 Minimum Bid

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