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Instructions for the New Jersey RMP Submission

When the RMP Must be Submitted to the New Jersey TCPA Program

An owner/operator of a facility subject to the TCPA Program rules must submit a Risk Management Plan (RMP) to the Department for various reasons: a new covered process for a new or existing registrant (N.J.A.C. 7:31-4.11), corrections (40 CFR 68.195 incorporated by reference at N.J.A.C. 7:31-7.1(a) and N.J.A.C. 7:31-7.2(b) and (c)), 5-year and other updates (CFR 68.190 incorporated by reference with changes at N.J.A.C. 7:31-7.1(c)), and when a facility becomes subject to the TCPA Program rules following rule amendments.  Owner/operators should review these rule requirements to understand all of the cases that require submittal of an RMP.

Please note that a separate, independent RMP submittal must be made to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) if the facility is subject to the Federal Chemical Accident Prevention rules, 40 CFR 68. The Federal RMP submittal must be made using the EPA’s online RMP*eSubmit system. Additional information on RMP*eSubmit is available on the EPA website:

Components of the New Jersey RMP Submittal

There are three components of the New Jersey RMP submittal: the RMP, a certification statement, and the supplemental New Jersey information.  The RMP must be prepared and submitted using the RMP*Submit 2004 program, which is available to download below along with the RMP*Submit 2004 User’s Manual.  The RMP*Submit 2004 program creates an ASCII format file with a filename of rmp.txt, which must be saved on a CD to be submitted to the Department.  A certification statement must accompany each RMP submitted to the Department in accordance with 40 CFR 68.185 incorporated by reference with changes at N.J.A.C. 7:31-7.1(c).  The certification statement can be printed out from the RMP*Submit 2004 program.  It should be signed by the qualified person or position specified in the owner or operator’s RMP or a person of higher authority for the owner or operator.  Finally, New Jersey supplemental information, which is specified at N.J.A.C. 7:31-7.2(a)2, must also be included with the RMP submittal. 

Specified Format for Submitting the RMP Components

In accordance with N.J.A.C. 7:31-7.2(a), the following is the specified format for owner/operators to make the complete RMP submittal to the Department:

  1. RMP (rmp.txt file): The rmp.txt file produced from the RMP*Submit 2004 program must be saved on a CD. Do not save the rmp.txt file on a 3.5” diskette, which is the default method in the RMP*Submit 2004 program. Detailed instructions for saving the rmp.txt file on a CD are provided below. Label the CD, not the CD jacket, with the following information:
    • Facility Legal Name
    • TCPA ID #
    • Date of RMP
    • RMP contact person and phone number

  2. Include a cover letter with the RMP explaining the purpose of the submittal, whether it is an initial submittal, complete update of the entire RMP, or correction.  If it is a correction, specify the sections that have been changed.

  3. Certification Statement: Original ink-signed and dated hardcopy.

  4. New Jersey Supplemental Information Form.  (August 2011)
    You may submit this as a hardcopy or as a file on the RMP CD.

  5. Do not include any other documents on the CD containing the RMP components.

How to Save the RMP (rmp.txt) File to CD

  1. Open the RMP* Submit 2004 program.
  2. Click on “Data Entry.”
  3. Highlight the facility name and RMP file from the list that is shown that you intend to submit.
  4. Click on “Create Submission File.”
  5. Select the appropriate submission type and click on “Continue.”
  6. Assuming that the RMP passes all completion checks, a message will show, “The RMP has passed all completion checks. The completion check………meeting the regulatory requirements.”
  7. Click on “OK.”
  8. A message will show, “Do you wish to output this RMP to a floppy disk?”
  9. Click on “NO.”
  10. A message will show, “Copy to diskette canceled, RMP was saved as C:\Program Files\RMP submit 2004\Temp\FacX\rmp.txt” where X in FacX is the facility # of the RMP selected in step 3. above.  It is important to make a note of this path because this is where the rmp.txt file has been saved onto the C:\ drive of your computer.
  11. Click on “OK.” The RMP file will be stored onto your computer C:\ drive at the location specified in step 10. above.
  12. Locate the rmp.txt file on your computer’s C:\ drive and save it on a CD along with any other required files for the New Jersey RMP submittal.

Where to Send the New Jersey RMP Submittal

Packaging and mailing options for submitting the RMP are left to the owner/operator's discretion.

If you are using the United States Postal Service, send the complete RMP submittal package to:
New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection
Bureau of Release Prevention - TCPA Program
P.O. Box 420
Mail Code 22-03D
Trenton, NJ 08625-0420

If you are sending the RMP submittal by private carrier service, use the following address:
New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection
Bureau of Release Prevention - TCPA Program
401 East State Street.
Trenton, NJ 08625

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