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NJDEP-Bureau of Release Prevention

News about the TCPA Program

Date Description of News/File File Type
January, 2016 Effective February 19, 2016, New Jersey Risk Management Plan (NJRMP) will need to be submitted electronically via
January, 2016 A training seminar for eNJRMP is scheduled for Friday, February 19, 2016 10AM to 12PM at the main DEP Bldg.: Public Hearing Room, 401 E State Street, Trenton, NJ 08625
January, 2010 The Bureau of Release Prevention has prepared a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) document for the 2009 TCPA rule readoption and amendments. The discussion addresses threshold quantities, rule applicability, process hazard analysis with risk assessment (PHA/RA), the transition from Program 2 to Program 3, and other areas of interest to the regulated community. PDF
June, 2009 The Bureau of Release Prevention held a workshop on June 11, 2009, to assist in understanding and complying with the TCPA rule amendments published in the March 16 New Jersey Register. PDF
March, 2009 The Department has readopted the TCPA Program Rule, N.J.A.C. 7:31, with amendments. The readoption document was published in the March 16, 2009, New Jersey Register. N/A
March 2009 A copy of the Consolidated Rule Document, combining the text of N.J.A.C. 7:31 with the adopted text of the federal Accidental Release Prevention (ARP) rules at 40 CFR 68 can be obtained by clicking here. This document incorporates all of the changes made in the March 2009 TCPA rule readoption. N/A
March 16, 2009 Click here to download a copy of the Readoption Document that was published in the March 16, 2009, New Jersey Register. N/A
November 14, 2008 A copy of the Readoption Proposal that was published in the September 15, 2008, New Jersey Register.

A public hearing on the proposal was held October 14, 2008. Written comments were accepted through November 14, 2008.
In the future, the readoption document and the readoption proposal will remain available from the DEP Office of Legal Affairs even though it may no longer be posted here.
May, 2008 The Department has readopted new and amended rules that require all TCPA-regulated facilities to complete an Inherently Safer Technology (IST) review. The new rule expands the review requirement to sites not previously affected.

The rule adoption document and proposal are both available from the TCPA Downloads Page.
Additional information is available DEP Office of Legal Affairs and from TCPA staff
June, 2008 The NJDEP Bureau of Release Prevention held a workshop on the recently adopted Inherently Safer Technology (IST) rule on June 17. This workshop provided information to assist in understanding and complying with the new rule requirements. Department staff were joined by two nationally-recognized experts on inherent safety, David Moore, P.E., C.S.P., President and CEO of AcuTech Consulting Group; and Dennis Hendershot, Principal Process Safety Specialist for Chilworth Technology, Inc. The workshop reviewed the new rule requirements, important IST concepts, standard methodologies on how to conduct IST reviews, and IST case studies. The Bureau is pleased to be able to provide the public with four presentations from the workshop:
In addition, the Bureau has prepared an IST Frequently Asked Questions document with specific responses of interest to the regulated community.

In the future, these documents will remain available from our TCPA Downloads Page even though they may no longer be posted here.
April, 2007 The Department has made changes in its procedures for conducting TCPA audits and inspections. The full notice is available on the TCPA Downloads Page. Copies were also sent by mail to regulated facilities. N/A

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