January 12, 2000

Dear Interested Party:

The purpose of this communication is to give you an update on the activities of the New Jersey Low Level Radioactive Waste Disposal Facility Siting Board (Siting Board) since my November 23, 1998 letter.

The Siting Board, in keeping with our suspension of active siting in New Jersey, has conducted an evaluation of out-of-state disposal options and has distributed our Disposal Options Report in June 1999. The findings and recommendations confirm the Siting Board’s previous suspension actions and indicate the need for the Siting Board to continue monitoring the national low-level radioactive waste (LLRW) developments with the Northeast Compact Commission; continue its public education program; and evaluate potential new technological waste management opportunities. Because of the reduced efforts of the Siting Board, consideration was proposed for the return of surplus operating funds to the New Jersey generators of LLRW.

In more recent activities, the Siting Board has been working with the Northeast Compact Commission and the State of Connecticut to propose the addition of the State of South Carolina to the Northeast Compact. Such a development could provide both New Jersey and Connecticut with long term commitment for access to a low-level waste disposal facility at the existing Barnwell, South Carolina site and meet the South Carolina desire to limit future disposal activities at that site. Negotiations for this merger, in which South Carolina would be the host state for Northeast Compact's low-level waste, are anticipated to start early this year. Requirements could include a one time financial contribution from New Jersey and Connecticut to South Carolina for being the host state. The Siting Board would envision using the surplus operating funds for this payment.

In other actions, the Siting Board has been working with the New Jersey Department of Education and the New Jersey Science Teachers Association in planning a workshop to develop basic lesson plans for elementary school science teachers. These lesson plans on radioactivity and radioactive material management issues would be developed in partnership with teachers and health professionals and would integrate these radiation topics into the core curriculum standards.

The Siting Board has also worked with the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection personnel in investigating new technologies for managing radioactive waste.

The Siting Board and Radioactive Waste Advisory Committee are a voluntary group of individuals committed to providing a reasonable means of management for low level radioactive waste generated in New Jersey. In our efforts, we look forward to continue our relationships with municipal, county and state representatives; the NJ generators of low-level waste; and professionals in the radioactive materials management field.

The Siting Board meetings are open to the Public and will be held at the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection's offices at 401 East State Street, Trenton, NJ. Meetings are scheduled for 9:30 am on March 9, June 8, September 7 and December 7, 2000. You may wish to phone the Siting Board offices or read the Siting Board web page (www.state.nj.us/llrwsb) for confirmation of the time and place of the next meeting.

Paul E. Wyszkowski

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