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Federal Government Organizations

NRC US Nuclear Regulatory Commission

  • NRC Low-Level Radioactive Waste Disposal

US Environmental Protection Agency

US Department of Energy

Compacts and Regions

Atlantic Compact

Central Interstate Low-Level Radioactive Waste Commission (Nebraska)

Midwest Interstate Low-Level Radioactive Waste Compact Commission

State Programs Online

New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection


Connecticut Department of Environmental Protection

South Carolina Radioactive Waste Disposal Program

Laws and Regulations

Federal Register Online - searches available from 1994 to the present

Code of Federal Regulations (CFR's) - a searchable site with all available on-line CFR's

 Academic and Professional Institutions

Radiation and Health Physics Home Page - a Question & Answer page on Nuclear Energy, Radiation, Safety, Risk and Benefit, Nuclear Waste and Transportation, and Food Irradiation.

Health Physics Society - The Health Physics Society is a professional organization dedicated to the development, dissemination, and application of both the scientific knowledge of, and the practical means for, radiation protection.

University of Missouri-Roula; American Nuclear Society - maintains a Question & Answer page on Nuclear Energy

Disposal Facilities and Operators

Hanford DOE Site: Richland Operations

Chem-Nuclear Systems, Barnwell, SC

Envirocare of Utah, Inc.

Waste Control Specialists, Andrews County Texas

NIREX - formed in 1982 to find a suitable location for, and to construct a nuclear intermediate and low-level facility for the UK.

Independent Organizations

Low-Level Waste Forum - an independent organization established by representatives of compacts and states to support the objectives of the federal law



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