On January 22, 2003 the Siting Board and friends met at Diamonds Riverfront in Trenton for lunch and to celebrate their accomplishments.



There are jobs within the State that are quite hotly fought for,
But there are also many others volunteers are sought for.
The latter groups take on the tasks politicos won’t touch,
Like where unpopular facilities should go, and such.

It takes extraordinary folks to answer such a call;
They are true public servants in the highest sense of all.
They make the tough decisions, putting public interest first.
Not only do they get no pay - they’re criticized and cursed.

Many of these noble souls once found that they were faced
With finding where to put low-level radioactive waste.
New Jersey and Connecticut both formed a compact, though,
Neither State had any clue just where the stuff should go.

We tried to find some ideal sites, and then we tried to steer
To volunteer incentives, but towns all said, "Not here!"
Eventually, we joined with our South Carolina friends.
The waste now goes to Barnwell, and there the story ends.

The Siting Board is something rare - it sought its abolition
When its work was over and it finished up its mission.
Now, Board and Committee are both just a memory;
Their oversight and workshops will be done by D.E.P.

But we cannot let 15 years and more just go like that.
There are lots of folks right here whose backs deserve a pat.
So, upon this Honor Roll, we’d like now to embark
By naming Joann Johnson, Denny Medlin and Pat Clark,

Jan Gottlieb, Leland Merrill, Bill McGrath and Ted J. Stahl
Steve Miller, Leslie London, Bob McKeever, Maryann Kall,
Greta Kiernan, Francis Faunt, and this poetic medley
Also mentions Roger Haase, Sam Penza and Dave Steidley.

Karen Kennedy is named, and, as you all might guess,
We’ve included Karl Muessig of N.J.G.S.,
John Russell, Cynthia Covie, and, from an early day,
Compact Directors Denise Drace and Janice B. Deshais,

Jim Shissias, Dick Olsson and Jeanette Eng - where to hide her?
Near Nancy Stanley, Lisa Roche, Jim Clancy and Fran Snyder!
Mike Hogan, Vince Belluscio and Prudy Gaskill, too,
Paula Getzin, Jill Lipoti; hey, we’re halfway through!

Mike Lakat, Bernie Edelman, and, just to keep this rhymin’,
We’ll mention Bonnie Magnuson, Fred Palace and John Simon,
Jim Hildebrand, John Weingart, and now right in here we’ll pencil
Ed Truskowski, Judy Blum, Dave Brook and Joseph Stencel,

Rick McGoey and Thomas Dempsey, once from GPU,
Herbert Roeschke, Gerry Nicholls and Burt Sueskind, too.
Chris Leone and John Beckley and Andy Bertone
(We’re checking so no one’s left out and feeling all alone!)

Deirdre Naughton, Lauren Moore and Mary Ann Rivell,
Bill Dressel, Donald Fauerbach and Donald Shutz, as well,
Lucille Santitoro, Eileen Schlindwein and Dave Slear.
(No one should be fidgeting - the end is almost here!)

Now some lines devoted to a very special pair:
Paul Wyszkowski and Larry Spitznagle, who both served as Chair.
Whenever a reporter had a story to complete
On what the Board was doing, Paul or Larry took the heat.

We cannot close without a mention of our Compact friend:
Yes, it’s Kevin McCarthy, and, as we reach the end,
We’ve saved the final mention for our dean and guiding light:
If you said, "Richard Sullivan," of course you would be right.

A worthy group, to say the least, which never tried to shirk
All the obligations of some truly thankless work.
You solved a major problem, and, now, since your task is through,
Let’s hope the State knows what a debt it owes to all of you!

To the Members and Staff of the New Jersey Low-Level Radioactive Waste Disposal Facility Siting Board and the New Jersey Radioactive Waste Advisory Committee,

With thanks for a job well done!

Your friend, John Covino
January 22, 2003



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