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State of New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection-Sustainability and Green Energy
State of New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection
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  1. Accelerate the Transition to a Clean Energy Economy
    1. Speed deployment of solar energy, offshore wind, sustainable biomass, geothermal, alternative fuels and vehicles, and innovative technologies like energy storage, fuel cells and tidal energy.
    2. Adopt siting policies for renewable energy projects that minimize impacts to land, water, wildlife and sensitive habitats. Align state incentives to those siting policies.
    3. Establish policies to support sustainable renewable energy goals for the state including but not limited to siting, incentives, barriers, and economic impact.
    4. Identify methods for quantifying and communicating the benefits of renewable energy, including environmental, health, and economic benefits and avoided costs.
    5. Coordinate with other state agencies to ensure consistent renewable energy policies throughout state government, including alignment with the Energy Master Plan and the State Strategic Plan.
    6. Support green job creation, and build new clean energy industries and supply chains.

  2. Enable Responsible and Sustainable Economic Growth
    1. Provide leadership on interagency team to develop and implement the State Strategic Plan.
    2. Serve as the interagency liaison to the New Jersey Business Action Center.
    3. Inventory potential sites for redevelopment opportunities.
    4. Support sustainable (re)development and green design.

  3. Provide Resources on Sustainability
    1. House web resources regarding best practices of sustainability on EGGE’s website.
    2. Support the Sustainable Jersey program (a program that certifies sustainable communities.)
    3. Establish a Sustainable Business Initiative; a pro-active program to promote sustainability in the private sector and provide awareness and resources on SROI (Sustainable Return on Investment.)
    4. Promote governing for sustainability through our Sustainable State Initiative; a pro-active program to develop sustainability indicators to inform policy and decision-making, state agency best practices and provide interagency coordination on Energy Savings Improvement Programs. 
    5. Serve as a liaison to assist in green jobs and workforce development.

  4. Foster Environmental and Energy Innovation
    1. Advance innovative energy and environmental technologies in New Jersey through a scientifically standardized evaluation process applicable to all affected NJDEP programs.
    2. Serve as a conduit/liaison with other NJ State agencies, technology incubators, industries, and academic institutions to advance innovative technologies towards commercialization.
    3. Develop technology-specific protocols to allow regulatory approval of related technologies pursuant to the respective NJDEP regulations.
    4. Promote private/public partnerships of green energy projects in New Jersey.

  5. Address Climate Change and Global Warming
    1. Promote programs that reduce greenhouse gas emissions to ensure compliance with the NJ Global Warming Response Act, including energy efficiency and renewable energy in all sectors; deployment of clean vehicles; low-carbon fuels; and transportation efficiency measures.
    2. Preserve and expand natural carbon sinks such as forests, soils and wetland, by assessing and quantifying their potential to store carbon, and providing relevant science and technical support to NJDEP programs and other State agencies.
    3. Promote adaptation to the impacts of climate change by coordinating Department-wide climate adaptation planning efforts, providing relevant science and technical support to NJDEP programs and other State agencies, and participating in regional and national climate adaptation initiatives.

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