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Finish these pages and you can become one of the
Water Conservation Crusader

How can we be running low on water, the whole planet is covered by it!
That is the common thought when a drought is announced. It is true that there is a great deal of water on the earth, however, not all water is drinkable.
Two-thirds of the earth's surface is covered by water. Any picture of the earth clearly shows that. But does ocean water taste good? No, it is too salty - you can't drink it, use it for washing or cooking.
Three percent of the earth's water is fresh, not salty, but most of that is found in the ice caps at the north and south poles.

The rest is found in the clouds, rain, snow, rivers, ponds, lakes, streams, puddles and even underground. Only about 1% of the entire supply of water on the earth is available for us to use! If water is wasted, polluted or mismanaged it leaves less for us to use and that is how we can run low.

  During a drought, the amount of water found in a particular area is less than normal. The amount of water varies depending upon where you are and what the normal amount of water usually is. Here in New Jersey the average annual precipitation ranges from about 43 to 47 inches. A drought is declared when the water supply available (either surface, ground or both) is less than what is expected to be needed in the near future.
While we wait for the rainfall to replenish the needed water, here are a few things we can do to save the water we have.

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