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SRWM Brownfields Reuse Success Stories

Lafayette Village Residential Development

Transformation of the Lafayette Village Site
Still images of the site before and after the project.


Lafayette Village is a new residential development located in downtown Jersey City. The attractive, brand new housing opportunities now exist on a former abandoned site. The hugely successful project was completed in a little over two years.

Ingredients for Success:

  • The site's size (5.78 acres) and location in downtown Jersey City made it attractive for redevelopment.

  • Three case managers at the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection, Anthony Cinque, Gregory Zalaskus and Frank Faranca, along with three TC/geologists, Dave Barskey, Linda Welkom and Allan Motter, provided major teamwork in cleanup oversight.

  • The voluntary remediation and redevelopment were done concurrently.


To report an environmental incident impacting NJ, call the Toll-Free 24-Hour Hotline
1-877-WARNDEP / 1-877-927-6337

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