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2001 Brownfields Update

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New Jersey Develops Interactive Map to Explore Brownfield Opportunities Featuring Internet Access

Information on New Jersey’s brownfields is now available through an interactive map on the Internet to promote brownfield development throughout New Jersey.

The interactive mapping tool, called i-MapNJ Brownfields, allows Internet users to consider a range of redevelopment opportunities by exploring various categories of environmental and economic data.

The web address for i-MapNJ Brownfields is http://njgeodata4.state.nj.us/i-map/brownfields . It is accessible through the state’s main web page at www.state.nj.us by clicking on the Technology section, and through a hot button on NJDEP’s main web page at www.state.nj.us/dep.

NJDEP’s Geographic Information System is a computer based storage and analysis tool that combines diverse information into easily understood maps that are linked to powerful databases.

The new mapping tool will help local government agencies, planners and developers identify smart growth opportunities all across the state. As the state continues to add more economic and environmental data to this new service, this website will become a great resource that will further revitalization and reduce sprawl.

The project was developed as a joint effort between NJDEP, the state Office of Information Technology, the New Jersey Office of State Planning, the Governor’s Urban Coordinating Council, and the Brownfields Redevelopment Task Force.

Because ease of use was an important goal of the project, persons unfamiliar with the technology can choose from a list of questions to help access information. Questions that can be answered at i-MapNJ Brownfields include: “Where are the brownfields within a specific county or municipality?” “What brownfields exist within incentive zones?” and “What is the proximity of brownfields to transportation infrastructure?”

The maps displayed below focus on brownfield sites in Elizabeth, Union County illustrating data available and an aerial photo of a redevelopment area adjacent to Newark Bay.

Map 1 - State map view with Elizabeth area selected
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Map 2 with Data Description Options
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Map 3 with Aerial Photo Image
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