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Perth Amboy FOCUS 2000 Redevelopment Plan Includes Brownfield Component to Revive Historic Waterfront, Improve Local Economy

Residential properties in Perth Amboy’s Harbortown Crossing development represent the first new housing built in eight years for the city. The project will bring more than 1,500 homes during the next few years.

Photos of houses in Perth Amboy's Harbortown Crossing development project.

The Riverview Center and fast ferry service redevelopment area is slated to provide a commuter ferry slip, big box retail, office space, light industrial facilities and restaurants. As an added bonus, the project will improve the appearance of the gateway to the city, a long awaited upgrade.

Drawing of the Riverview Center.

Perth Amboy’s FOCUS 2000 redevelopment plan aims to transform hundreds of acres of abandoned, underused and contaminated land in the city. Creating new businesses, employment opportunities, new housing and recreational assets, which increase the city’s tax base, make neighborhoods safer and provide economic stability.

The DuPont/Cable Works is one FOCUS 2000 site where cleanup is underway for new commercial and residential housing. Perth Amboy has received $722,000 from the state’s Hazardous Discharge Site Remediation Fund for remedial work on the 6.3-acre parcels since 1996.

The Landings at Harborside will incorporate the Dupont/Cable Works property as part of its $600 million mixed-use redevelopment project that includes 2,000 residential units—town houses and mid-rise condominiums. Also, reuse plans include 150,000 square feet of retail space, a community cultural arts center, a public waterfront promenade, new parks and open space on an additional 49-acre tract that is predominantly brownfields.

Nearby, Middlesex County vocational and technical high school, and a satellite campus of Middlesex County College is being constructed on re-claimed brownfields. The project is scheduled for completion in September 2002.

Harbortown Crossing is a privately-developed housing community part of the FOCUS 2000 effort that marks the first new housing development in eight years for the city. Approximately half of the 1,600 residential units are complete with remaining phases to be constructed in the next five years.

Photo of Harborside Promenade along the Arthur Kill and Raritan Bay at night.
Recent Perth Amboy waterfront redevelopment projects include the Harborside Promenade along the Arthur Kill and Raritan Bay shown here at night.



Also, the city is looking forward to a commuter ferry slip, new restaurants,additional office space, retail and light industrial facilities along its waterfront areas Improving the appearance of the gateway to the city will help restore pride to this historic area of the state.

Perth Amboy also became the third municipality in New Jersey to enter NJDEP’s Local Environmental Performance Partnership Agreement (PPA) program.

The PPA is a five-year agreement between NJDEP and the local government of Perth Amboy that enables the Department to concentrate its expertise and resources on confronting the many environmental issues and concerns of the city.

The PPA coincides with Perth Amboy’s major redevelopment and revitalization effort led by Mayor Joseph Vas. The agreement will help ensure that redevelopment work in Perth Amboy will take place without causing harm to the environment, and keep the air and water clean for present and future residents. A clean environment is a major component to the Mayor’s vision of making the city an attractive place to live, work, and learn. The first step in the agreement is the joint formation of an action plan that addresses the environmental problems of the city and the goals and objectives it hopes to reach. Then, a project schedule is developed to help NJDEP and the city reach their goals in a timely and efficient manner. Some of the initial environmental focus areas of the PPA are brownfield redevelopment, containment of urban sprawl, waterfront development, and water quality.


NJDEP Commissioner Bob Shinn and Perth Amboy mayor Joseph Vas shaking hands
Commissioner Bob Shinn and Perth Amboy Joseph Vas shake hands after signing an environmental performance partnership agreement that will facilitate brownfield redevelopment projects as Assemblyman Minority Leader Joseph Doria looks on.


Although this is the third PPA approved by NJDEP, it is the first to include a reduction of greenhouse gases as an objective of the agreement. The plan identifies strategies to reduce emissions from the combustion of fossil fuels within the city of Perth Amboy.

The first two PPA’s NJDEP forged were with the City of Bayonne and Hudson County.

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