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2001 Brownfields Update

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"Renewing New Jersey’s Brownfields: Repairing the Past, Preparing for the Future" Video Looks at Redevelopment Successes and the Process

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This 11-minute video production provides a viewer insight into many successful brownfield renewal projects across the state. Interviews with government officials from former Governor Christie Whitman, now U.S. Environmental Protection Agency administrator, State Senator Henry McNamara, Assemblyman Paul Di Gaetano, and other state agencies, to developers working in Camden, Trenton, Newark and Edgewater outline the state’s brownfields program. The program shows how brownfield redevelopment efforts make neighborhoods safer and provide economic stability to municipalities.

Please take the time to view our new video and join a growing number of parties working to bring development back to our urban areas and cities. The goal is simple: solving environmental problems and providing businesses a place to locate and bring jobs, to create new housing and entertainment opportunities, all without going into farmlands, open space and other areas lacking existing infrastructure.

To view the video (11:20 minutes) visit the Department’s Internet site www.state.nj.us/dep/srp and look for the brownfields icon.

Meeting Community Needs Through Brownfield Cleanups

New business activity, housing or other types of redevelopment can restore the proud heritage of successful enterprise to New Jersey’s historic cities and other locales. Revitalized and safe residential neighborhoods can flourish at these sites or adjacent to them. When the community is involved early and often in the redevelopment process, neighborhood residents and local officials will benefit from and support such endeavors for many years to come. DEP is committed to providing residents and local advocacy groups with the necessary support to stimulate real community successes.

In neighborhoods with brownfield sites in need of renewal, the people who live and work in that community are going to have their own visions for the future. It is important to bring together not only the parties involved with remediation and redevelopment, but also the individual view and desire of the local community. That’s what makes for a real brownfield success story.

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