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2001 Brownfields Update

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Brownfield Contacts

NJDEP hosts quarterly meetings at its Trenton headquarters with various municipalities and counties involved with brownfield projects and USEPA’s pilot program to stimulate problem solving. Other state and federal agencies also participate to identify additional resources available.

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NOTE: The contact information below is periodically updated and will differ from the information in the 2001 printed report.



NJDEP Site Remediation Program

Administers Voluntary Cleanup Program and jointly administers Hazardous Discharge Site Remediation Fund with NJEDA.

NJDEP Permit Coordination

This office assists with identification of all required permits for development, coordinates with the Site Remediation Program and establishes a schedule for permit acquisition.

  • Contact: Jeanne Mroczko
    (609) 292-3600

Department of Community Affairs

The Office of Smart Growth assists in coordinating brownfield projects and activities among state agencies.

  • Contact: Frances Hoffman
    (609) 292-3096

Commerce and Economic Development Commission

The Urban Enterprise Zone and Brownfield Redevelopment Reimbursement programs are two significant incentives administered by the Commission.

  • Contact: Kelly Woods
    (609) 633-8005



Hazardous Discharge Site Remediation Fund

NJEDA and NJDEP jointly administer the Hazardous Discharge Site Remediation Fund.

  • Contact: Mike Sylvester, Public Lending, Investment Banking Division, NJEDA
    (609) 292-0350

  • Contact: Adam Mkerji, Commercial Lending Division, NJEDA
    (609) 292-0187

  • Contact: Colleen Kokas, ECA, NJDEP
    (609) 633-0719

NJ Redevelopment Authority (NJRA)

NJRA partners with community-based organizations, developers and business to leverage its resources to formulate redevelopment projects to increase economic opportunities in 67 designated urban municipalities.

  • Contact: Laurie Sheppard
    (609) 292-3739

Department of Transportation

The Department of Transportation works in conjunction with NJDEP looking at projects that implement the State Plan (urban centers receive priority) and offers technical assistance and support to UCC communities (priority funding).

  • Contact: Susan Weber
    (609) 530-2879

  • Contact: Susanna Harrington
    (609) 530-655
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