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Unregulated Heating Oil Tank Program (UHOT) Homeowner's Guide


Homeowner’s Guide to the Unregulated Heating Oil Tank Program (UHOT)


The Unregulated Heating Oil Tank Program allows pre-qualified environmental professionals to investigate and remediate certain low risk Unregulated Heating Oil Tanks, including residential fuel oil underground storage tanks, with limited DEP oversight subject to possible audit. Under the Unregulated Heating Oil Tank Program, DEP has established criteria for the pre-qualification of environmental professionals. The criteria have been designed to identify individuals whom, by virtue of education and experience, can be assumed to be sufficiently competent and trustworthy to participate in the Program.


A party remediating a qualifying Unregulated Heating Oil Tank may apply to the DEP for participation in the Program only after the remediation has been completed.

Homeowners may select any pre-qualified environmental professional listed in the Unregulated Heating Oil Tank Program Directory. The directory for pre-qualified environmental professionals is now available via NJDEP's Data Miner UST reports.

To obtain an NFA under the Program, a pre-qualified environmental professional or the homeowner shall submit the following to the DEP:

  1. A completed Unregulated Heating Oil Tank (UHOT) System Remediation Form.
    (These forms replace the prior UHOT Questionnaire.)

  2. A non-refundable certified check in the amount of $400, payable to the “Treasurer, State of New Jersey”
  3. A copy of all appropriate Remediation Documents prepared in accordance with the reporting requirements contained in Technical Requirements for Site Remediation (N.J.A.C. 7:26E)

Please note: The Program will accept sites (cases) which undergo all aspects of remediation (soil and ground water) on Unregulated Heating Oil Tanks with certain exceptions listed at: .

For more information for environmental professionals, please visit:

Changes to the Questionnaire

Please note that the "Unregulated Heating Oil Tank Program Questionnaire" has been replaced with the "Unregulated Heating Oil Tank (UHOT) System Remediation Form" and accompanying instructions. The previous Questionnaire included an incorrect mailing address that was preventing mail delivery, as well as outdated and incorrect information.

The new Form includes the correct mailing address, as well as updated rule citations and a revised fee section. Formatting changes make the new Form similar to other SRP forms, including a certification page for LSRPs to sign when they oversee unregulated heating oil tank cases.

Similar to the previous Questionnaire, the new Form will be used as a checklist to justify No Further Action letters issued by the Department for unregulated heating oil tank cases.