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The Ambient Groundwater Monitoring Network was established in 1983. It is a cooperative program under the direction of NJDEP and USGS. The original objective of the program was to determine the spatial variation of water quality as a function of rock type. In 1999 a redesigned ambient ground water network focused on evaluating the status and trends in shallow ground water as a function of land use and determining ground water impacts on surface water quality.

The redesigned Network includes 150 shallow wells, selected to represent specific land uses. Sixty wells are located in urban / suburban areas, sixty wells are located in agricultural areas and thirty wells are located in undeveloped areas. Thirty network wells are sampled annually, the entire network being sampled once every 5 years. New Jersey Geological Survey designed the network, maintains the wells, provides data interpretation and assessment reports. The Bureau of Freshwater and Biological Monitoring, the USGS New Jersey Water Science Center and the New Jersey Geological Survey participate annually in well monitoring. Network parameters include: field parameters, major ions, metals, gross-alpha, VOC's and pesticides. Network data is available from the USGS computerized data system, NWISWeb (National Water Information System), NWQMC (National Water Quality Monitoring Council) Water Quality Portal, NJDEP iMapNJ, New Jersey Geological Survey geodata download, and by contacting the New Jersey Geological Survey directly. Ambient Ground Water Monitoring data interpretation is available through the New Jersey Geological Survey Information Circular on the Network.

For additional information, please contact Raymond Bousenberry at 609-633-1045.

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