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This network was established in 2000 to supplement the existing Ambient Surface Water Quality Monitoring Network. The primary objective was to improve spatial coverage by siting an ambient monitoring station in every HUC (Hydrologic Unit Code) 11.

A 2005 network revision focused on supporting water quality initiatives in each of DEP's newly created watershed management areas, the functional units for DEP's Watershed Initiatives. Currently, the network includes 100 stations which are sampled quarterly. General SASWMN objectives include:

  1. track status and trends in ambient water quality
  2. establish background water quality
  3. correlate water quality with specific land uses
  4. coordinate water chemistry and biological data

A wide range of physical and conventional parameters, and metals are monitored in this program. Metals monitoring occurs twice a year at times selected to produce both dry and wet weather data. Diurnal Dissolved Oxygen (D.O.) monitoring at selected stations are conducted during summer, low flow periods. Flow measurements at each non-tidal station are taken during each quarterly sampling event by USGS. Network data from this NJDEP monitoring network is stored in STORET database and assessed in New Jersey Integrated Water Quality Monitoring and Assessment Report (305(b) and 303(d)).


For additional information, please contact Chris Kunz at 609-292-0427.

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