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Atlantic Northeast Raritan Upper Delaware Lower Delaware

WMA AMNET # Stream name Date pdf file file size
12 AN0468 Willow Bk May-97 97h003b.pdf 207 Kb
12 AN0469 Big Bk
12 AN0487 Debois Ck
12 AN0496 Stan Bk
13 AN0528 Ridgeway Br May-97 97h003g.pdf 183 Kb
13 AN0532 Manapaqua Br
19 AN0153 Burrs Mill Bk Nov-96 96h007d.pdf 169 Kb
19 AN0154 Burrs Mill Bk
18 AN0184 South Br Pennsauken Ck Nov-96 96h007f.pdf 161 Kb
18 AN0682 S Br Raccoon Ck
18 AN0682 S Br Raccoon Ck Mar-97 97h002b.pdf 196 Kb
17 AN0692 Nichomus Run
17 AN0694 Major Run
17 AN0709 Cohansey River Mar-97 97h002e.pdf 190 Kb
17 AN0711 Parsonage Run
19 AN0150 Budds Run Sep-98 98h004.pdf 232 Kb
19 AN0151 North Br Rancocas Ck
19 AN0154 Burrs Mill Bk
19 AN0166 Barton Run
19 AN0168 Haynes Ck
18 AN0180 North Br Pennsauken Ck
18 AN0184 South Br Pennsauken Ck
19 AN0143 North Br Rancocas Ck Apr-99 99h002e.pdf 247 Kb
19 AN0145 Mt Misery Bk
19 AN0149 North Br Rancocas Ck Oct-01 01h002.pdf 549 Kb
19 AN0176S South Br Rancocas Ck
18 AN0179 North Br Pennsauken Ck
1 AN0042 Furnace Bk Nov-96 96h007b.pdf 160 Kb
1 AN0045 Beaver Bk
1 AN0016 UNT to Paulins Kill Apr-99 99h002a.pdf 286 Kb
1 AN0028 Jacksonburg Ck
1 AN0036 UNT to Pequest River
11 AN0093 Plum Brook
6 AN0224 Passaic River Nov-95 95h012.pdf 179 Kb
6 n/a Passaic River
6 AN0229 Passaic River
4 AN0276 Molly Ann Bk Aug-96 96h005b.pdf 188 Kb
4 AN0279 Saddle R
4 AN0291 Saddle R
7 AN0196 Robinsons Br Aug-96 96h005f.pdf 183 Kb
6 AN0226 Dead River
6 AN0220 Loantaka Bk Apr-98 97h006b.pdf 185 Kb
6 AN0222 Black Bk
6 AN0223 Black Bk
6 AN0225 UNT to Dead River
6 AN0232 Whippany River Apr-98 97h006f.pdf 185 Kb
6 AN0234 Whippany River
5 AN0208 Dwars Kill Jan-99 98h006a.pdf 192 Kb
5 AN0209 Tenakill Bk
5 AN0212 Overpeck Ck
7 AN0201 South Br Rahway River Mar-96 96h002.pdf 246 Kb
7 AN0202 West Br Elizabeth River
9 AN0420 Middle Bk
10 AN0394 Duck Pond Run Jul-97 97h004.pdf 223 Kb
10 AN0396 Heathcote Bk
10 AN0403 Cruser Bk
9 AN0421 Green Bk
10 AN0379 Millstone River Jan-99 98h006f.pdf 225 Kb
9 AN0439 Manalapan Bk
9 AN0447 McGellairds Bk
10 AN0379 Millstone River Apr-99 99h002.pdf 218 Kb
9 AN0439 Manalapan Bk
9 AN0447 McGellairds Bk

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