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Marine Water Monitoring
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Technical Support

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Monitoring coastal water quality involves the use of sensitive laboratory procedures for detection of nutrients, salinity, oxygen, bacteria and viruses. The Bureau of Marine Water Monitoring provides analytical and technical support to other governmental agencies involved in coastal water issues. Such support includes:

  • Microbiological sample analysis for bacterial indicators such as total coliform, fecal coliform, fecal strep, Enterococcus and Clostridia.

  • Specialized capability in analysis of coastal water and shellfish tissue samples for public health concerns. The bureau routinely provides support to the New Jersey Dept. of Health on issues relating to seafood safety.

  • Specialized capability in low-level nutrient and metals analysis required for marine samples.

The Bureau also is working closely with the academic community in the development of a viral indicator of human waste known as coliphage. These sensitive tests are providing the state with a better means of assessing the sources of coastal pollution.

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