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The Water Quality Data Exchange (WQDE) is NJDEP's solution for receiving ambient water quality data collected by multiple organizations. Data submitted to WQDE is sent to USEPA's STORET Data Warehouse and to the National Water Quality Monitoring Council's Water Quality Portal. Data from the Water Quality Portal is used by NJDEP to develop NJ's Integrated Water Quality Assessment Report.

Getting Started With WQDE

Step One: Request Access to the NJDEP Online Business Portal

  1. Go to the NJDEP Online Business Portal and click on the Registration Instructions link on the right side of the page
  2. Read the instructions and follow the procedure to request access to NJDEP Online. (NOTE: You do not need to request a PIN to use WQDE)
  3. When you get to the step to select services, scroll down the page and click the box next to “Water Quality Data Exchange"

Step Two: Access WQDE

Go to NJDEP Online directly at

  1. Click on "Log in to DEP Online” on the right side of the page. You will be transferred to the “myNew Jersey" login page.
  2. Enter your Log On ID and Password and click on the "Log On" button. You will be brought to the "My Workspace – My Services” tab.
  3. Click the “Water Quality Data Exchange” link and wait until the next screen loads

Step Three: Submit Data

Once you are in WQDE, you may create projects, monitoring locations and submit results.


The Water Quality Exchange (WQX) is USEPA’s framework that makes it easier for States, Tribes, and others to submit and share water quality monitoring data over the Internet. States, Tribes and other organizations can now submit data directly to the publicly-accessible STORET Data Warehouse using the WQX framework.



WQX Web is a web-based application designed to assist smaller organizations with submitting data via WQX. WQX Web is a tool that converts text files (such as comma or tab-delimited files) into a valid WQX submission file (based on the WQX schema). WQX Web also interacts with the Central Data Exchange (CDX), which is the EPA's portal through which all environmental data is expected to flow. WQX Web is also a data conversion and validation tool, providing support for user-defined file formats and user-defined translations to WQX-compliant values for items like Characteristics, Taxonomic Names, Units of Measure, etc.

A WQX Web template is available to assist organizations with formatting their data for upload to WQX Web. Please see the WQX Web Resources page to access the template.

Data submitted to WQX is used by NJDEP to develop New Jersey’s Integrated Water Quality Assessment Report.

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