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  Who We Are
Mission and
Core Values
  Public Purposes
"DEPTCOR’s mission is to educate, train, and provide marketable skills through the operation of a variety of manufacturing and service enterprises, enabling participating inmates to produce finished products that are top-quality and cost effective adding value to statewide “Tax-supported” agencies, resulting in, reduced inmate idleness, cost savings for the taxpayer, job opportunities to those having received DEPTCOR training once released from the Department of Corrections, and reduced recidivism. ."

Core Values:

Quality. . . our consistently meeting or surpassing our customer's expectations.

Customer Focus. . . our uncompromising commitment to producing stakeholder satisfaction with our products, services, and interactions.

Integrity. . . our uncompromising adherence to a code of values and standards through sincerity, honest, and candor: avoidance of deception, artificiality, or shallowness of any kind.

. . . our reliance and dependence on the character, ability, strength, or truth of someone.

Team Work
. . . our work done by a group towards a common purpose, with each member contributing a clearly defined portion while yielding personal prominence to the efficiency of the whole.

Business Focus
. . . our commitment to developing, producing, and distributing marketable products and services, resulting in stakeholder satisfaction and fiscal integrity.

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