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2015 Auto Insurance Premium Comparison
Step 1: Determine the rating example that best applies to you.
Step 2:

Find the corresponding column for your rating example on the appropriate Private Passenger Auto Insurance Premium Comparison chart for your territory.

Please Note: Territory designations have recently changed - Get more information about territories.

The Premium Comparison chart will show you the premium each insurer would charge for that sample consumer.

Please Note: These premiums are for consumers with the specific characteristics noted in the rating examples. Factors related to you that do not correspond to the examples provided can have a significant impact on your actual costs. The premiums listed are only for comparison purposes – to give you a general idea of how the rates of one company stack up against the rates of others. To get an exact rate for your specific circumstances, you will have to get an actual quote from the insurer in question.

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  Select Premium Comparison Chart
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Please Note: The Department, in compiling this guide, has used the Common Map territory designations and has already melded the rates from companies that use different maps into the Common Map territory designations. (Get more information about territories)

Select your zip code in order to obtain the territory designation that corresponds with this Premium Comparison Survey

Step 3: Contact several insurers to get rate quotes. You will then be able to select the company with the plan and rates best suited to your individual circumstances.
The data is for premiums effective as of October 1, 2015.

All companies listed are writing new or renewal business in NJ. All companies' unique rating systems are represented.
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