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Subcommittee on Ecological Flows (SEF)
A Subcommittee of the Regulated Flow Advisory Committee

On March 14, 2018, the Delaware River Basin Commission (DRBC) adopted Resolution 2018-2 (pdf 381 KB) which re-established the Subcommittee on Ecological Flows (SEF) under the Regulated Flow Advisory Committee (RFAC).

The SEF will report to the RFAC, providing scientific and technical information and advice about ecological flow goals and the effect of flow management programs on habitat and ecological health.

DRBC is seeking applications for non-reserved membership on the SEF. Up to six (6) non-reserved members with expertise relevant to the SEF will be appointed by the Executive Director from the following categories: environmental organizations, watershed organizations, fisheries organizations, business/industry, and/or academia. Non-Reserved Members shall be appointed for terms of up to two (2) years and may be re-appointed through the process outlined in the Resolution.

SEF Objectives

To provide scientifically-based information and recommendations to the RFAC, as requested, regarding:

  • Flows for the maintenance of healthy aquatic ecosystems, including consideration of water quality impacts over a range of regulated flows;
  • Sensitive species that could be impacted by regulated flows;
  • Flow regimes, thermal mitigation, and flow change mitigation;
  • The effects of existing and proposed regulated flows on habitat and ecological health; and
  • Such other, related matters as the RFAC may deem necessary or appropriate.


If interested in non-reserved membership on the SEF, please submit a cover letter and resume highlighting expertise as it relates to Resolution 2018-2 to jacob.bransky@drbc.nj.gov.

Applications for non-reserved membership on SEF will be accepted through June 14, 2018. 

Decisions on non-reserved SEF membership will be made after the RFAC issues its charge(s) to SEF.