Water Charges Advisory Committee
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Resolution 2010-09 authorized the Executive Director to establish a Water Charges Advisory Committee (WCAC) to advise the Commission on the analysis and interpretation of studies that will be conducted to evaluate the various aspects of the Commission's water supply charges program. The water supply charges program, outlined in Basin Regulations - Water Supply Charges, was instituted so the Commission could, on behalf of the signatory parties, acquire the right(s) to use and to control water supply facilities associated with Federal Projects authorized in the Comprehensive Plan.

The Compact and subsequent regulations allow the Commission to establish a schedule of rates for basin water withdrawals and provide that the charges for water supply include all costs associated with making the basin water supply available and maintaining its continued availability in adequate quantity and quality over time. The Commission is further required to collect sufficient annual revenues to meet all annual project costs, including debt service, operation, maintenance, replacement reserves and associated administrative costs related to the protection and preservation of the basin's water quantity and quality. The water rate consists of "the weighted-average unit cost of all water stored by or on behalf of the Commission," determined "by dividing all of the Commission's annual project costs by the net yield of the water." Additional details about the water supply charges program may be found via the link in the box to the right.

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September 26, 2013 Meeting Materials:

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November 29, 2011

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Resolutions Pertaining to the Water Supply Charges Program (pdf 196 KB; table includes links to resolutions and brief descriptions of each)

2010 Rate Increase

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