Student Showcase

Flood Resource Center Project at Northampton Community College - The Flood Resource Center Web site is sponsored by the Student Leadership Program at Northampton Community College to provide access to community resources created through service learning projects. These projects began in 2007 with funding provided by the State Farm Insurance Youth Advisory Board. They partnered with community and business groups and created the following projects: Delaware River Flood Museum Pilot Exhibits (a set of sample exhibits for the Nurture Nature Center in Easton); 8th Grade Stormwater Curriculum (a three week unit on problem-solving using Best Management Practices for decreasing runoff from residential, civic and commercial development); Flood Man and the Floodkateers (a whimsical video for elementary age children highlighting what families can do to prepare for and respond to local floods); and the Monroe Campus Rain Garden (a model of sustainable stormwater management).

Philadelphia Annual Art Contest - The annual art contest is an initiative of the Philadelphia Water Department and the Partnership for the Delaware Estuary ito educate city students in grades K-12 (including public, private, and home schooled children) about various water-related topics, such as the water cycle, watersheds, land use and pollution. DRBC staff members have been pleased to serve as judges for this excellent project in past years. For additional information on the contest, visit the Partnership for the Delaware Estuary's website at the above link.

F.D. Roosevelt Middle School's "Flooding Destroys Resources - Sharing Knowledge to Save Our Watersheds" Video - Middle school students from Bristol Township, Bucks County, Pa., explore why there appears to be an increase in flood damage in the Neshaminy Creek Watershed and what can be done to prevent future losses (taped 1999; running time approximately 30 minutes) Teacher: Kathleen Horwatt. Video is best viewed with a RM Player.

Souderton Area High School's "Students Against Violating the Earth"(SAVE) -- Learn about SAVE's nationally recognized, award-winning environmental demonstration home, Project EFFECT (Environmentally Friendly Facility Exploring Conservation). Project EFFECT is featured on Greenworks TV, a presentation of GreenTreks Network. Teacher: Ken Hamilton.


Teachers who would like to share what their students have learned about the Delaware River Basin on this showcase page are invited to contact the DRBC.