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DRBC Staff Presenting at PDE Science Summit Jan. 27-30

The Partnership for the Delaware Estuary (PDE) will hold its 5th Science and Environmental Summit January 27-30, 2013 at the Grand Hotel and Convention Center in Cape May, N.J. Themed Weathering Change - Shifting Environments, Shifting Policies, Shifting Needs, this conference will seek to create more effective partnerships and sharing information among scientists, outreach specialists, resource managers, and others with an interest in the prosperity of the Delaware Estuary.

Several DRBC staff members are participating in the Summit as panel moderators or presenters and are listed below:

Monday, January 28--

  • Session 1: The State of the Delaware Estuary and River Basin
    • Presenters: John Yagecic and David Sayers, "Assessment of Water Quantity and Quality Indicators in the 2012 TREB"
  • Session 4: Water Quality and Quantity, Moderated by Dr. Tom Fikslin (and Tom Belton, NJDEP) 
    • Presenter: John Yagecic, "Temporally Dynamic Representations of Delaware Basin Continuous Data Sets"
    • Presenters: Greg Cavallo, Dr. Tom Fikslin, Dr. Namsoo Suk, and Dr. Ron MacGillivray (also w/Douglas Haltmeier), "Assessment of Metals in Estuarine Waters"
    • Poster: Greg Cavallo, Dr. Tom Fikslin, and Dr. Namsoo Suk, "Clean Hands Metals Sampling Techniques"

Tuesday, January 29--

  • Session 7 Panel: Managing Shifting Environments - Is a Paradigm Shift Needed?
    • Panel Members: Carol Collier, DRBC Executive Director; other panel participants include DRBC Alternate Commissioners Kelly Heffner, PADEP, and Michele N. Siekerka, Esq., NJDEP (also w/Sarah W. Cooksey, DNREC, and Shawn M. Garvin, USEPA Reg. 3)
  • Session 9: Monitoring and Assessment, Moderated by Dr. Jessica Sanchez (and Jim Eisenhardt, CardnoENDRIX)

Wednesday, January 30--

  • Session 15: What's Mud Got to Do With It?
    • Presenter: John Yagecic (also w/Joel Pecchioli, Scott Douglas, and Dave Burke), "Regional Sediment Management - Sediment Quality"
  • Session 20: Hot Topics
    • Presenters: Dr. Tom Fikslin and Dr. Ron MacGillivray (also w/John Jackson, David Funk, and Christopher Nally), "Toxicity Testing in Ambient Water Quality Assessment"

For more information, including a detailed program, please visit http://www.delawareestuary.org/news_pde_science_conference.asp.