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DRBC Request for Proposal & Quotation - Professional Engineering Services (Deadline: 4 p.m., Fri., March 30)
DRBC Seeking Professional Engineering Services for Evaluation and Cost Estimating of Nutrient Treatment Practices and Technologies

The Delaware River Basin Commission (DRBC) is seeking proposals from qualified firms to provide professional engineering services for technical evaluations and related cost estimation for upgrades of twelve wastewater treatment plants located in Delaware River Basin. This proposal is part of a larger project to evaluate the attainability of higher levels of dissolved oxygen in the Delaware Estuary. Under this procurement, DRBC anticipates issuing a firm, fixed-price contract with a value not to exceed $232,750.

The goal of this contract is to develop information on the relationship between various levels of wastewater effluent ammonia and total nitrogen concentration targets, and the estimated expenditures needed to achieve those targets. This information will be considered by decision makers in assessing effluent load reductions in support of the development of new dissolved oxygen criteria in the Delaware Estuary. The information developed under this contract will support aggregate, planning-level evaluation only, and is not intended to replace site-specific engineering design for individual wastewater treatment facilities to achieve specific effluent limits.

Under this contract, the selected firm will:

  • Define wastewater effluent quality breakpoints for nitrogen reductions on a gradient from ammonia through total Nitrogen; and
  • Estimate capital, operation, and maintenance costs for achieving each effluent quality break point.

DRBC has defined a default approach to developing this information. However, DRBC will consider and accept alternative approaches that may be more practicable under the cost and time limits for this contract. Below, we briefly describe the DRBC default approach and several possible alternative approaches.

1.1 Default Approach

The selected engineering contractor will define three achievable wastewater treatment effluent concentrations for ammonia and total nitrogen based on their expertise and prior experience. The contractor will then estimate the capital, operation, and maintenance costs for achieving each effluent quality concentration at each of the following wastewater treatment facilities:

NPDES Permit No.      Name

DE0020320-001         City of Wilmington

NJ0020923-001A        Trenton Sewer Utility

NJ0023361-001A        Willingboro Water Pollution Control Plant

NJ0024686-001A        GCUA

NJ0026182-001A        Delaware #1 Water Pollution Control Facility (Camden)

NJ0026301-001A        Hamilton TWP WPCF

PA0026468-001          Lower Bucks County Joint Municipal Authority

PA0026662-001          PWD Southeast

PA0026671-001          PWD Southwest

PA0026689-001          PWD Northeast

PA0026701-001          Morrisville Borough Municipal Authority

PA0027103-001          Delcora

The competitiveness of the proposal will be assessed, in part, on what level of detail can be provided for each cost estimate for each effluent target. Cost estimate levels of detail could range from gross planning level estimates through more highly detailed cost estimates from prior studies or plans and specifications.

1.2 Alternative Approaches

Acceptable alternative approaches could include (but would not be limited to):

  • Developing cost estimates for a smaller subset of facilities representing the majority of effluent load;
  • Dividing the existing plant list into groups based on treatment types and providing generalized cost estimates for each group;
  • Developing cost estimates and expected effluent results for groupings of activities, such as operational changes only, low level design changes, and high-level design changes;
  • Focusing specifically on achievement of effluent targets during the April through September warm weather period;
  • Utilizing pre-defined effluent levels of 10 mg/L ammonia, 5 mg/L ammonia, 1 mg/L ammonia, and 1 mg/L of total nitrogen in lieu of defining other effluent quality breakpoints.

Overall, respondents to this RFP are encouraged to propose an approach that is as responsive as possible to the intended use of the information to be developed, given the cost and time constraints of the anticipated contract.

Proposal Content Requirements

Submit three copies of a proposal document including the following sections. See Submission Instructions below.

1.1 Proposed Approach

Description of the proposed approach to providing the information sought under this RFP. Proposed approach should include (at a minimum):

  • The effluent concentration breakpoints to be evaluated;
  • Facilities or groups or categories of facilities to be evaluated;
  • Anticipated levels of cost estimating detail expected to be achieved;
  • Justification describing why the proposed approach provides the best response to the information needs described in Section 1 of this RFP within the fixed dollar limit and time constraints of the contract;
  • Unique qualifications of the applicant in executing their proposed approach.

Proposed approach section not to exceed 20 pages, double sided, 11-point font minimum.

1.2 Past Performance

Description of past performance of the contractor or team relevant to this RFP, especially within the Delaware River Basin or its States, including prior work for and with key wastewater treatment utilities. Past Performance section not to exceed 10 pages, double sided, 11-point font minimum.

1.3 Qualifications of Personnel 

Resumes, CVs, or equivalent of key personnel anticipated to work under this contract, especially as relates to the services indicated below and in the Introduction section of this announcement. Qualifications of Personnel section not to exceed 15 pages, double sided, 11-point font minimum.

1.4 Expected Deliverables 

Description of the expected deliverables, not to exceed 2 pages, double sided, 11-point font minimum.

1.5 Budget

Expected budgeting of the contract amount, not to exceed 1 page, double sided, 11-point font minimum.

Submission Instructions

Interested parties shall submit three (3) paper copies of their proposal and one (1) electronic copy on a flash drive to:

Elba Deck, Director, Finance and Administration
Delaware River Basin Commission
25 Cosey Rd.
P.O. Box 7360
West Trenton, NJ 08628

Submittals must be received at the Commission’s offices no later than 4:00 p.m., Friday, March 30, 2018.

Please note:

  • Proposals received after this time will not be considered;
  • Delaware River Basin Commission reserves the right to reject any submittals;
  • Please review DRBC's Standard Contract (pdf 108 KB);
  • If the contractor cannot execute the Standard Contract in its current form, the contractor must describe the exceptions in their proposal; and
  • DRBC reserves the right to select multiple contractors based upon convenience, location, and cost.
Contract Cost Limit, Period of Performance

Contract amount not to exceed $232,750.

Final report due to DRBC within 2 years of the issuance of the contract, with interim status reports every 6 months.

Download RFP

Download RFP (pdf 618 KB)