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Most Recent Commission Meeting Highlights
Meeting of December 9-10, 2014

The Delaware River Basin Commission met on Tuesday, December 9 and Wednesday, December 10, 2014. Below is the meeting agenda, with links the dockets approved and resolution passed (items are added as they become available).


The commission's public hearing was held on Tuesday, December 9, 2014. The business meeting was held the following day on Wednesday, December 10, 2014. The hearing and business meeting were open to the public and held at Washington Crossing Historic Park Visitor Center, 1112 River Road, Washington Crossing, Pennsylvania.

The public hearing and public dialogue session on December 9, 2014 ran from 1:30 p.m. until approximately 4 p.m. Hearing items included draft dockets for the withdrawals, discharges, and other water-related projects listed below and for a resolution adopting the Commission's Water Resources Program FY 2015-17.

The business meeting on December 10, 2014 ran from 1 p.m. until approximately 1:30 p.m.

The agenda for the business meeting follows. Items subject to a public hearing are noted as such below.

A. Minutes. (The minutes from the September 10, 2014 DRBC business meeting were approved unanimously; pdf 85 KB) 

B. Announcements.

C. Hydrologic Report. (A. Shallcross)

D. Executive Director’s Report. (S. Tambini)

E. General Counsel’s Report. (K. Warren, P. Bush)

F. Resolution to Adopt DRBC's Water Resources Program FY 2015-2017. (K. Najjar; pdf 29 KB) A public hearing was held December 9, 2014 on this item. This resolution was passed unanimously by the commissioners. View Water Resources Program FY 2015-2017 (pdf 2 MB).

G. Project Review Docket Applications. (D. Kovach) All dockets linked below are pdfs. All but numbers 12 and 36 were the subjects of public hearings completed on December 9, 2014. The public hearings on numbers 12 and 36 were postponed to allow additional time for review. Public hearings on numbers 37 and 41 were completed on December 9, 2014, but consideration to approve these projects was postponed to allow additional time for review. Dockets numbered 1-11, 13-35, 38-40, and 42-43 were approved by unanimous vote by the commissioners. Note that at each of its public meetings, the commission may consider action on any item for which a hearing has been completed or may defer one or more such items for consideration at a public meeting of the commission on a future date.  

View Project Location Map (pdf 859 KB).

1. Pottstown Borough Water Authority (PA), surface water withdrawal, D-1964-036 CP-2.

2. South Coatesville Borough (PA), wastewater treatment plant, D-1974-039 CP-5.

3. Philadelphia Gas Works (PA), non-contact cooling water discharge, D-1976-055 CP-3.

4. Blair Academy (NJ), wastewater treatment plant, D-1976-089-2.

5. Newtown Artesian Water Company (PA), groundwater withdrawal, D-1978-029 CP-4.

6. Pennington Borough (NJ, groundwater withdrawal, D-1984-033 CP-4.

7. American Nickeloid Company (PA), industrial wastewater treatment plant, D-1985-030‑2.

8. Brodhead Creek Regional Authority (PA), wastewater treatment plant, D-1986-011 CP-4.

9. West Grove Borough Authority (PA), wastewater treatment plant, D-1987-024 CP-3.

10. Antietam Valley Municipal Authority (PA), wastewater treatment plant, D-1987-045 CP‑5.

11. Fleetwood Borough Authority (PA), wastewater treatment plant, D-1987-054 CP-5.

12. Eagle Lake Community Association, Inc. (PA), wastewater treatment plant, D-1987-055‑3. [Consideration of this docket has been postponed to allow additional time for review.]

13. Mountain Mulch (PA), groundwater withdrawal, D-1988-066-4.

14. Pennsylvania American Water Company (PA), Saw Creek wastewater treatment plant, D‑1988-089 CP-2.

15. Pottstown Borough Water Authority (PA), wastewater treatment plant, D-1989-055 CP‑3.

16. Blue Bell Country Club (PA), ground and surface water withdrawals, D-1993-059-2.

17. Nesquehoning Borough Authority (PA), groundwater withdrawal, D-1994-047 CP-2.

18. Lehigh County Authority (PA), wastewater treatment plant, D-1999-011 CP-2.

19. Warrington Township (PA), wastewater treatment plant, D-1999-012 CP-3.

20. The Pines at West Penn, LLC (PA), wastewater treatment plant, D-1999-025 CP-2.

21. West Deptford Township (NJ), surface water withdrawal, D-1999-056 CP-2.

22. Avondale Borough (PA), wastewater treatment plant, D-2000-066 CP-2.

23. Northampton Bucks County Municipal Authority (PA), groundwater withdrawal, D-2001-013 CP-3.

24. Upper Makefield Township (PA), wastewater treatment plant, D-2002-017 CP-2.

25. French Woods Performing Arts Camp, Inc. (NY), wastewater treatment plant, D-2003-001 CP-2.

26. Portland Borough (PA), wastewater treatment plant, D-2003-009 CP-4.

27. Bear Creek Management Company (PA), ground and surface water withdrawals, D-2004-035-2.

28. Camp Ramah in the Poconos (PA), wastewater treatment plant, D-2005-030-3.

29. Pleasant Valley School District (PA), wastewater treatment plant, D-2008-005 CP-2.

30. Rock Tenn Company (PA), surface water withdrawal, D-1980-025-2.

31. Giorgio Foods, Inc. (PA), industrial wastewater treatment plant, D-1988-043-4.

32. Maidencreek Township Authority (PA), wastewater treatment plant, D-2000-028 CP-3.

33. Milford Township Water Authority (PA), groundwater withdrawal, D-2003-037 CP-2.

34. Pocono Lakefront, LLC (PA), wastewater treatment plant, D-1974-091 CP-2.

35. Arcelor Mittal Plate (PA), surface water withdrawal, D-2008-036-1.

36. Buck Hill Falls Company (PA), ground and surface water withdrawals, D-2009-002 CP-1. [Consideration of this docket has been postponed to allow additional time for review.]

37. Port Jervis City (NY), reservoir and surface water withdrawals, D-2013-019 CP-1. [Consideration of this docket has been postponed to allow additional time for review.]

38. Pottstown Borough Water Authority (PA), water filtration plant, D-2013-022 CP-1.

39. Minersville Borough Municipal Authority (PA), surface water withdrawal, D-2014-001 CP-1.

40. Maple Lane Estates (PA), wastewater treatment plant, D-2014-004 CP-1.

41. Aqua America, Inc. (PA), Woodloch Springs wastewater treatment plant, D-2014-005 CP‑1. [Consideration of this docket has been postponed to allow additional time for review.]

42. Aqua Pennsylvania, Inc. (PA), groundwater withdrawal, D-2014-007 CP-1.

43. Village of Liberty (NY), water filtration plant, D-2014-010 CP-1.