Task Force Archives
Governors' Letter & Resolution Establishing The Task Force

September 21, 2006 Letter from Four Basin State Governors to DRBC Executive Director (pdf 402 KB)

Link to September 21, 2006 New Jersey Press Release from Governor Corzine/DEP Commissioner Jackson

DRBC Resolution 2006-19 (September 27, 2006) Authorizing and Directing the DRBC Executive Director to Establish a Task Force to Recommend a Set of Comprehensive Flood Mitigation Measures for the Delaware Basin (pdf 12 KB)

Preliminary Action Plan: January 30, 2007

Powerpoint Presentation to DRBC Commissioners at the February 28, 2007 Morning Conference Session Summarizing Comments from Four Public Meetings (pdf 822 KB)

News Releases Announcing Public Meetings

Feb. 8, 2007 Meeting at Delhi, N.Y.: Powerpoint Presentation (pdf 843 KB) and Handouts (dates on the first page have been updated to reflect rescheduled Easton meeting date and extended written comments deadline) (pdf 574 KB)

Feb. 15, 2007 Meeting at Wilmington, Del.: Powerpoint Presentation (pdf 1.1 MB) and Handouts (pdf 574 KB)

Feb. 20, 2007 Meeting at Ewing, N.J.: Powerpoint Presentation (pdf 1.1 MB) and Handouts (pdf 574 KB)

Feb. 27, 2007 Meeting at Easton, Pa.: Powerpoint Presentation (pdf 1.4 MB) and Handouts (pdf 574 KB)

December 2006 Progress Report Letter From DRBC Executive Director to Governors (pdf 53 KB) and Recommendations Overview Attachment to Letter (pdf 16 KB)

Task Force Kick-Off Meeting: October 25, 2006

Agenda (pdf)

Meeting Summary (pdf)

News Release

Invited Members (pdf)

Proposed Report Focus Areas (pdf)

Handout to Task Force Members -- Ongoing Initiatives (Prepared by DRBC Staff) (pdf)

Handout to Task Force Members -- Going Forward: Floodwater Management or Floodplain Management - A History of Decisions on the Main Stem Delaware River (Prepared by DRBC Staff) (pdf)

Handout to Task Force Members -- DRBC's Role in Flood Loss Reduction Efforts (Prepared by DRBC Staff) (pdf)

List of Task Force Subcommittee Leads and Contact Information (pdf)

Reference Materials

1984 U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Main Stem Delaware River Flood Study (pdf 6.4 KB)

N.J. Flood Mitigation Task Force Final Report