New Jersey Department of Education Office of Student Support Services 21st Century Community Learning Centers Program and Out-of-School Time Resources

Project Director: Brent Nesmith
Country Club Administration Building
440 Beverly-Rancocas Road
Willingboro, New Jersey 08046
Phone: 609-835-8600x1052
Fax: 609-835-3803
Email: bnesmith@wboe.net

County: Burlington

Servicing School District: Willingboro

CLC Sites: Memorial Upper Elementary School, Levitt Middle School

Partners: Boy Scouts of America, Girl Scouts of America

Serving Grade Level: 5-8

No. of Students to be Served: 200+

No. of Adults to be Served: 100

Times of Services: Levitt Middle School: 2:30 PM - 5:45 PM, Memorial Upper Elementary School: 3:00 PM - 6:15 PM

At present, the Willingboro Public School District is among only four districts in New Jersey with a population of 90% or more African-Americans. The remainder of the population in Willingboro includes 5% Hispanics and 4% Caucasians.  National statistics continue to show that the African-American children are at greater risk than any other minority population to not only perform lower than other minority groups in school, but also as adults to fall into the lowest socioeconomic groups. Furthermore, research suggests that the disparity in academic achievement exists as a result of inadequate educational experiences within and outside of school.  The 21st Century Program’s mission is to provide our students with extra learning opportunities to combat the achievement gap.  A total of 200 students between the ages of eleven and fourteen will be targeted for participation in the Willingboro 21st Century Program.  In addition to academic tutoring, enrichment, and remediation, these students receive a comprehensive level of extra-curricular programming including: video production, robotics, cultural arts, drama, athletics, dance, and much, much more.  Our parents receive career training, parenting and literacy workshops, as well as opportunities to attend field trips, cultural events, and assemblies.