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Educator Evaluation in New Jersey

New: 2013-14 Preliminary Implementation Report on Teacher Evaluation

2014-15 Weight Changes

Due to ongoing conversations with educators and other stakeholders, we have proposed changes to the weights of teacher and principal evaluation components for 2014-15 as described below:

  • Teacher Evaluations
    • Non-SGP teachers; 80% teacher practice, 20% SGO
    • SGP teachers: 70% teacher practice, 20% SGO, 10% mSGP
  • Principal/AP/VP Evaluations
    • Non-SGP principals; 30% principal practice, 20% evaluation leadership, 40% administrator goals, 10% SGO average
    • SGP principals: 30% principal practice, 20% evaluation leadership, 30% administrator goals, 10% SGO average, 10% schoolwide SGP

For a detailed description of these proposed changes, please see this August 12 Broadcast Memo. Please note that due to the weights, scoring resources for 2013-14 and 2014-15 are listed separately.

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