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Educator Evaluation in New Jersey

Due to ongoing conversations with educators and other stakeholders, we have proposed changes to the weights of teacher and principal evaluation components for 2014-15 as described below:

  • Teacher Evaluations
    • Non-SGP teachers; 80% teacher practice, 20% SGO
    • SGP teachers: 70% teacher practice, 20% SGO, 10% mSGP
  • Principal/AP/VP Evaluations
    • Non-SGP principals; 30% principal practice, 20% evaluation leadership, 40% administrator goals, 10% SGO average
    • SGP principals: 30% principal practice, 20% evaluation leadership, 30% administrator goals, 10% SGO average, 10% schoolwide SGP

For a detailed description of these proposed changes, please see this August 12 Broadcast Memo as well as all of the updated materials on this website. Please note that due to the weights, scoring resources for 2013-14 and 2014-15 are listed separately.

NOTE:  All 8th-grade math teachers must set 2 SGOs in 2014-15.  For more information, please see the September 30 Broadcast Memo.

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