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Educator Evaluation in New Jersey

NEW: As the result of conversations with teachers, administrators, and other education stakeholders, the Department will propose the following changes to evaluation requirements through the State Board regulatory process (please note that the weights of evaluation components for 2013-14 have not changed):

2013-14: Student Growth Objective (SGO) Score Review Process

If a teacher's SGO score is the reason that his or her summative rating dropped from Effective to Partially Effective or from Partially Effective to Ineffective, the teacher will be eligible to ask for a review of the SGO rating.  The Department plans to release additional details regarding this review process later this summer. The review will apply only to the 2013-14 school year.

2014-15: Evaluation Component Weight Changes

Evaluations of teachers of 4th through 8th grade Language Arts and Math – approximately 20 percent of all classroom teachers statewide – will be comprised as follows:

  • 10% Median Student Growth Percentile
  • 20% Student Growth Objectives
  • 70% Teacher Practice

Evaluations of all other teachers will be comprised as follows:

  • 20% Student Growth Objectives
  • 80% Teacher Practice

We are in the process of updating materials posted on this site to reflect proposed weights for next year. In the coming weeks we will share additional details about these proposed changes.