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Educator Evaluation in New Jersey

New: 2013-14 Preliminary Implementation Report on Teacher Evaluation

Notice of Grant Opportunities: Achievement Coaches

On October 21, the Department posted a press release announcing two new grant opportunities. The goal of the New Jersey Achievement Coaches program is to empower a large number of our outstanding educators to provide direct support to their peers through high quality training and resources. The content of this training will be developed by our districts through the second grant opportunity: the New Jersey Achievement Coaches Content Development Program. Funding for these programs is intended to cover educators' work, time, and travel expenses as well as district management of these activities, including funding for sub coverage as needed. Please review this information and encourage your district leaders to apply.

2014-15 Weight Changes

Due to ongoing conversations with educators and other stakeholders, we have proposed changes to the weights of teacher and principal evaluation components for 2014-15 as described below:

  • Teacher Evaluations
    • Non-SGP teachers; 80% teacher practice, 20% SGO
    • SGP teachers: 70% teacher practice, 20% SGO, 10% mSGP
  • Principal/AP/VP Evaluations
    • Non-SGP principals; 30% principal practice, 20% evaluation leadership, 40% administrator goals, 10% SGO average
    • SGP principals: 30% principal practice, 20% evaluation leadership, 30% administrator goals, 10% SGO average, 10% schoolwide SGP

For a detailed description of these proposed changes, please see this August 12 Broadcast Memo. Please note that due to the weights, scoring resources for 2013-14 and 2014-15 are listed separately.

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