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New Jersey Student Learning Standards

Visual and Performing Arts
Performance Assessment
Criteria for selecting performance assessment tasks
* Does the task truly match the outcome(s) you're trying to measure?
* Does the task require the students to use critical thinking skills?
* Is the task a worthwhile use of instructional time?
* Does the assessment use engaging tasks from the "real world?"
* Can the task be used to measure several outcomes at once?
* Are the tasks fair and free from bias?
* Will the task be credible?
* Is the task feasible?
* Is the task clearly defined?
--Adapted from Herman, Aschbacher and Winters (1992)
From Chicago Public Schools.
Authentic Assessment in the Arts: Empowering Students and Teachers, by Dale W. Schmid, M.Ed. Journal of Dance Education Volume 3, Number 2 2003.

Assessment resources (an excellent list), from ArtsWork.
Creating Prompts
Prompts are...
* always created by groups of educators and specialists,
* based, in New jersey, on the standard, strand and cumulative progress indicators. A given prompt may encompass more than one indicator,
* designed to assess higher order thinking, using Bloom's Taxonomy as a guide.

Rubric Samples

* Art Rubric for Assessment of the Discussion & Writing on Art History, Aesthetics and Art Criticism - an Assessment Form from Goshen. See also: Art Rubric - an Artwork Assessment Form.
* Dance Lessons via Interactive Television (dance and choreography based on NJ standards)