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New Jersey Student Learning Standards

Visual and Performing Arts
Performance Assessment
"The best performance assessment tasks are interesting, worthwhile activities that relate to your instructional outcomes and allow your students to demonstrate what they know and can do." Chicago Public Schools.
Criteria for selecting performance assessment tasks
* Does the task truly match the outcome(s) you're trying to measure?
* Does the task require the students to use critical thinking skills?
* Is the task a worthwhile use of instructional time?
* Does the assessment use engaging tasks from the "real world?"
* Can the task be used to measure several outcomes at once?
* Are the tasks fair and free from bias?
* Will the task be credible?
* Is the task feasible?
* Is the task clearly defined?
--Adapted from Herman, Aschbacher and Winters (1992)
From Chicago Public Schools.
Authentic Assessment in the Arts: Empowering Students and Teachers, by Dale W. Schmid, M.Ed. Journal of Dance Education Volume 3, Number 2 2003.

Assessment resources (an excellent list), from ArtsWork.
Creating Prompts
Prompts are...
* always created by groups of educators and specialists,
* based, in New jersey, on the standard, strand and cumulative progress indicators. A given prompt may encompass more than one indicator,
* designed to assess higher order thinking, using Bloom's Taxonomy as a guide.

Rubric Samples

* Art Rubric for Assessment of the Discussion & Writing on Art History, Aesthetics and Art Criticism - an Assessment Form from Goshen. See also: Art Rubric - an Artwork Assessment Form.
* Realism/Cubism (an example of basing assessments on NJ standards)
* Dance Lessons via Interactive Television (dance and choreography based on NJ standards)