New Jersey Core Curriculum Content Standards

21st Century Life and Careers

In the 21st century, life and work are conducted in a dynamic context that includes:

  • A global society facing complex political, economic, technological, and environmental challenges.
  • A service economy driven by information, knowledge, and innovation.
  • Diverse communities and workplaces that rely on cross-cultural collaborative relationships and virtual social networks.
  • An intensely competitive and constantly changing worldwide marketplace.

Providing New Jersey students with the life and career skills needed to function optimally within this dynamic context is a critical focus and organizing principle of K-12 public education. New Jersey has both an obligation to prepare its young people to thrive in this environment, and a vested economic interest in grooming an engaged citizenry made up of productive members of a global workforce that rewards innovation, creativity, and adaptation to change.

Mission: 21st-century life and career skills enable students to make informed decisions that prepare them to engage as active citizens in a dynamic global society and to successfully meet the challenges and opportunities of the 21st-century global workplace.