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New Jersey Assessment of Skills and Knowledge (NJ ASK)
Performance Level Descriptors

Grade 4


A fourth grade student performing at the proficient level demonstrates grade level comprehension of written material (i.e. text, charts, graphs, tables).  The proficient student applies the knowledge gained from scientific investigations in developing adept habits of mind.  The student often chooses and uses the appropriate tools to make observations, and to gather, classify and present data.  The student will use both essential and non-essential information to recognize patterns and relationships between data and designed systems.  The student will occasionally use information to make real world connections to classroom activities.

Advanced Proficient

In addition to consistently demonstrating the skills outlined for the proficient student, the advanced proficient student demonstrates a clear and concise communication of ideas using specific scientific terms. The advanced proficient student uses prior scientific knowledge to make judgments and draw conclusions.  The student will classify according to a variety of criteria and differentiate between essential and non-essential information.  The student will apply the scientific method to analyze information; predict outcomes and trends; and generate numerous solutions to scientific problems.  The student will be able to analyze information to make inferences from data collected and analyze systemic relationships.