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New Jersey Assessment of Skills and Knowledge (NJ ASK)
Performance Level Descriptors

Grade 8

(ASK8 and Grade Eight Proficiency Assessment/GEPA)


The Proficient student can recognize the structural levels of living things.  This student knows that some traits of organisms are beneficial and some detrimental.  This student can interpret visual and textual data to understand the relationship within a food web and the interdependence of living and nonliving systems.
The proficient student can recognize the effect force has on an object, trace the flow of energy through a system, and use the properties of matter to identify and separate materials.  This student can understand different types of energy and use information from data charts to interpret relationships and predict outcomes.
The proficient student can recognize the existence of a relationship between the moon and tides, recognize the different characteristics of the planets in the solar system, and understand the natural forces that change the surface of the Earth, including chemical and physical weathering.

Advanced Proficient

The advanced proficient student can support scientific conclusions with valid contextual and visual data and make predictions based on the interactions of living things.  This student is able to use interpretive skills to analyze visual and textual data in order to solve problems dealing with the application of force and energy.
The advanced proficient student understands the difference between types of energy waves and can recognize and apply experimental principles and empirical data.

The advanced proficient student can recognize the nature of the tides’ relationship to Earth, Sun, and moon; interpret topographical maps; and identify the steps in the process of weathering and erosion.