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Data Validation FAQ

Q:   What  information should be checked during the data validation window?
A:  Districts should verify the accuracy of student data, including name, date of birth, State student ID, native language and date of enrolment in the district.  In checking date of enrolment in the district, please be aware of the following:

  • Students who have been enrolled in the district for one year or more, except for those students who enrolled after the administration of the ACCESS for ELLs™ test,  will be included in the measure of English language progress for AMAO purposes.
  • In cases in which the enrollment date is missing or not valid, the students will be counted as not having met the AMAO growth target.    For this reason, districts should check their students' enrolment date information during the data validation opportunities provided by the test scoring vendor, MetriTech.  Once the AMAO data is posted on the NJDOE Homeroom site in the fall, no further enrolment date corrections will be allowed.

Any student whose enrollment date indicates that he/she was in the district for one or more years, but for whom there is no previous' year score attributable to that student, will be counted as not having made progress in the AMAO 1 results.

For technical questions regarding data access, correction, and updates see MetriTech's Data Validation FAQ.