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Information on ACCESS for ELLs™

ACCESS for ELLs™ was developed for the WIDA Consortium, led by the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction, on behalf of its member states. Detailed information on ordering ACCESS for ELLs™, Pre-ID Labels, information on administering the test, and other information is described in depth in the following links.

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Alternate ACCESS (for classified and cognitively delayed ELLs) » Alternate ACCESS for ELLs Homepage 
» Alternate ACCESS for ELLs Webinar (Feb. 9, 2012)
» Information on Alternate ACCESS Score Reports
Classroom Instruction and Curriculum » Standards
» WIDA and Purchase of Instructional Materials 
» WIDA PRIME Instructional Material
Ordering Information » 2013-2014 ACCESS for ELLs™ Timelines for New Jersey
» 2014-2015 ACCESS for ELLs™ Timelines for New Jersey
» Language Codes
» Test Ordering
Other Information » ACCESS for ELLs and Exiting Students
» ACCESS for ELLs Sample Test Items Grades 1-12
» ACCESS for ELLs 2.0
» Entry and Exit Criteria on K W-APT 
» Entry and Exit on K MODEL 
» Score Reports (Including Translations)
Test Administration » ACCESS for ELLs® Series 302 Changes
» Data Validation FAQ
» Test Administration/ PreID 
» Online Training for WIDA  ACCESS for ELLs  Assessment
» Overview 
» Web Resources
WIDA Placement Tests » Entry and Exit Criteria on W-APT
» WIDA ACCESS for ELLS Placement Test (W-APT) 
» WIDA MODEL™ Score Calculator
  • * This document describes the timelines for the ACCESS for ELLs™ testing window, when score reports will be received by districts, and when data will be collected for improvement/exit.
  • Exit criteria on ACCESS for ELLs 
    For students in grades K through 12, an ACCESS for ELLs™ proficiency level of 4.5 or higher is recommended for exiting a program if multiple criteria support the decision.