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Model Bilingual/English as a Second Language Program Designation: Kindergarten ESL

Visitation Dates:

Visitations will be scheduled by individual request through the office of the coordinator of ESL.

Visitation Procedures:

Visitors will meet with Carol Waicus for the visit.

Contact Person:

Carol Waicus
ESL Coordinator
Cherry High School East
1750 Kresson Road
Cherry Hill, NJ 08003
(856) 424-2222, ext. 2507
For directions, contact Ms. Waicus

District Demographics:

11,580 students are enrolled in the Cherry Hill Public Schools. 1665 students are bilingual (includes all non-native speakers of English). There are 19 schools, nicluding an early childhood center, 12 elementary schools, 3 middle schools, 2 high schools, and an alternative high school program. Cherry Hill is the 13th largest school district in the state of New Jersey and one of the largest suburban districts.

ESL Program :

ESL kindergarten students attend a full day of school. They are bused between their half day neighborhood kindergarten class and one of two half day ESL kindergarten classes. The two ESL classes serve kindergartners from twelve schools. Location of the neighborhood school determined the ESL class each student attends. Extended instructional time provides the child with greater exposure to English and more practice using it in a comfortable environment.


Model Bilingual/English as a Second Language Program Designation:
Elementary (K-5) School #13 Bilingual

Visitation Dates:

The following dates are what we have set up for visitations open to anyone interested. As before, people need to contact Janina J. Kusielewicz directly in order to visit the program but the dates below are their options:

Tuesday, February 8
Thursday, March 3
Thursday, April 1
Thursday, May 12
Thursday June 2.

Other dates may be available by appointment.

Participants are asked to register in advance by calling the Supervisor of Bilingual and Basic Skills, Janina J. Kusielewicz at (973) 470-2267.

Visitation Procedures:

Visitations will take place at Clifton Public Schools, School #13 782 Van Houten Avenue, Clifton, New Jersey.

Contact Person

Janina J. Kusielewicz
Supervisor of Bilingual and Basic Skills
Clifton Public Schools
745 Clifton Avenue
Clifton, NJ 07015
(973) 470-2267
For directions, contact Ms. Kusielewicz

District Demographics:

Clifton Public Schools is a district of approximately 10,300 students. 60% of the district population come from families speaking a language other than English, 7% of the district student population are English Language Learners. Bilingual programs are offered in Spanish, Polish and Arabic in grades K-5, with High Intensity ESL in grades 6-12.

Bilingual/English as a Second Language Program:

School # 13 is a magnet school providing services to over 100 Polish and Spanish speakers, as well as neighborhood ESL students from several language groups.

The school provides a combination of self-contained bilingual and bilingual/ESL pull-out classes aligned with district curricular objectives, following a model of sheltered English instruction.

Bilingual and ESL classes are exclusively content based in order to foster a high level of student achievement in English.

A Testing/Resource program provides support to students for up to four years after exiting Bilingual and/or ESL.


Model Bilingual/English as a Second Language Program Designation: Spanish Bilingual K-12

Visitation Dates:

Visitations will be scheduled by individual request through the office of the supervisor of bilingual/ESL.

Visitation Procedures:

Please contact Dr. Joanne B. Villafane to schedule a visit.

Contact Person:

Dr. Joanne B. Villafane
Supervisor Bilingual/ESL Program
178 Barracks Street
Perth Amboy, NJ 08861
For directions, contact Dr. Villafane

District Demographics:

Perth Amboy is an Abbott District with 8500 students in Grades K-12. Perth Amboy has five elementary schools, one middle school (grades 5-6), one junior high school (grades 7-8), and one high school.

Bilingual Program:

The Perth Amboy Public Schools Bilingual/ESL Program serves about 1500 English Language Learners in grades K-12, each year. It is a comprehensive program of full-time bilingual instruction, including native language academic instruction and an emphasis on English language acquisition through daily classes in English language arts and ESL.

Within a grade, there are classes for students at each level of English proficiency (e.g., third grade level 1, third grade level 2, third grade level 3). This levelized structure facilitates the delivery of grade-level instruction with appropriate accommodations for the students’ English skills.


Model Bilingual/English as a Second Language Program Designation: Elementary School (K-6) ESL

Visitation Dates:

Dates can be mutually decided to view the program.

Visitation Procedures:

Visitations will take place at Cherry Hill School 410 Bogert Road, River Edge, New Jersey.

Contact Person:

Judie Haynes
ESL Teacher
Cherry Hill School
410 Bogert Road
River Edge, NJ 07661
(201) 261-3405
For directions, contact Ms. Haynes.

District Demographics:

River Edge school district is a small K-6 dsitrict with 1050 students and approximately 50 ESL students who are mostly Asian.

ESL Program:

The River Edge school district believes that English language learners need to be involved in learning during the entire school day. If the linguistically and culturally diverse students are to gain long-term personal, social, and academic success in the United States, the school community must be ready to help them become productive through a comprehensive, challenging and enriching educational program in the mainstream learning environment. This cannot be done in isolation, but must be part of a coordinated district effort.

14 years ago, the ESL staff started a program that helps classroom teachers provide a comprehensive learning experience for English language learners (ELLs). Strategies and information are provided to classroom teachers so that they can meet the social, educational, and affective needs of ELLs; give materials to them that are especially designed for new learners of English and provide professional development for classroom teachers in second language acquisition, diverse cultures, and differentiating instruction for ELLs.

Parents of ESL students are involved in the education of their children.


Model Bilingual/English as a Second Language Program Designation: Elementary School (K-8) ESL

Visitation Dates:

Visitors can visit the program any time during the school year, when school is in session, and during the ESL Summer Enrichment Program held in August.

Visitation Procedures:

Visitations will take place at Lincoln School at 37 Keller Avenue, Rockaway, New Jersey.

Contact Person:

Jeri Hurley
ESL: Teacher
Lincoln School
37 Keller Avenue
Rockaway, NJ 07866
(973) 625-8602
For directions, contact Ms. Hurley.

District Demographics:

Rockaway Borough has 610 students enrolled in Kindergarten through Grade 8. K-3 students attend the Lincoln School and 4-8 students attend Jefferson Middle School. 3.7% of the students are limited English proficient. 77.1% students speak English at home; 13.2% speak Spanish; 2.7% speak Gujarati; 0.9% speak Bulgarian; 0.6% speak Italian; 0.6% speak Polish; 2.5% speak Urdu; 0.8% speak Pilipino; 1.2% speak Vietnamese; 0.4% speak Hindi.

English as a Second Language Program:

The Rockaway Borough ESL program is innovative, creative, and diverse. The four skills – listening, speaking, reading, and writing are integrated into the program through theme-based instruction. The themes revolve around field trips, assemblies, and online collaborative projects that are held throughout the school year.

The use of technology in the ESL program plays a big part in the acquisition of English language. ESL classes use the computer lab at least twice a week for writing, graphing, completing projects, English practice, and homework help. Students and parents use the class website for additional information and English practice.

A "Summer Enrichment Program" meets every day for four weeks during the month of August. This program gets students ready for the beginning of the school year.

ESL Family Night is held in the month of October where families can meet with teachers and find out more about the ESL program.


Model Bilingual/English as a Second Language Program Designation: Spanish Bilingual K-4

Visitation Dates:

Visitations will occur on the following dates:

September 22, 2004 February 23, 2005
October 27, 2004 March 23, 2005
December 15, 2004 April 27, 2005
January 26, 2005 May 25, 2005

Visitation Procedures:

Visitations will be conducted at Harrison School by the supervisor of bilingual/ESL.

Contact Person:

Elizabeth Franks
Supervisor Bilingual/ESL
Abraham Clark High School
122 East 6th Avenue
Roselle, NJ 07203
(908) 298-2015

District Demographics:

Roselle is a Pre-K-12 district located in Union County with approximately 2900 students, 10% of whom are English language learners. Harrison School is the district’s K-4 centralized magnet school for the bilingual/ESL population housing 350 students, 30% ELLs.

Bilingual Program:

The bilingual program is composed of three self-contained classes at the kindergarten, first, and second grade levels. Classes consist of students mixed proficiency levels; therefore, language arts instruction is provided according to the dominant language of the child. Bilingual instructional aides are crucial members of the team.

Teachers are dually certified so they provide ESL instruction through the content areas within the course of the school day.

Third and fourth grade students participate in a pull-out program based on their proficiency levels. Newcomers receive bilingual Language Arts Literacy and Math classes in addition to sheltered Social Studies and Science instruction. Advanced level students receive one period of ESL daily.

Parents are involved in all aspects of the school. They participate in the Parent and Teachers (PAT) committee, attend workshops and Family Math and Science classes.

Monthly newsletters are sent home in three languages (English, Spanish, French).


Model Bilingual/English as a Second Language Program Designation: High School (9-12) ESL

Visitation Dates:

Please call the ESL/Bilingual Supervisor to check on available dates to visit.

Visitation Procedures:

Visitations will take place at West Orange High School 51 Conforti Avenue, West Orange, New Jersey.

Contact Person:

Michele Granato Daniels
ESL/Bilingual Supervisor
West Orange Public Schools
179 Eagle Rock Avenue
West Orange, NJ 07052
(973) 669-5400 ext. 247
For directions, contact Ms. Daniels

District Demographics:

West Orange is a culturally diverse and primarily residential community. There are 6730 students in the West Orange public schools, 1922 of which are at West Orange High School. The other students are dispersed throughout seven elementary schools and two middle schools.

English as a Second Language Program:

At West Orange High School, the high intensity alternative to bilingual education varies depending on the language proficiency level and grade level of the students. Beginner students receive two standard ESL classes (42 minutes each) in addition to a tutorial class where they receive assistance in the content areas. This tutorial class also affords the students the opportunity to enhance their academic skills through the use of computer technology. High beginner, intermediate, and advanced students receive two ESL classes, one class focusing on contemporary themes, which address various content areas and a second period focusing on literature and HSPA skills. Students who have not met the world history, US History 1, US History 2, biology, chemistry, or physics requirements are assigned to LEP sections taught by mainstream teachers in collaboration with the ESL/Bilingual supervisor.

The ESL, LEP, and mainstream teachers maintain coordination through the use of the student’s notebooks, instructional assistants, and discussions with the students and informal and scheduled meetings.

Two guidance counselors are assigned ESL students as part of their normal load. The counselor, who is Spanish-speaking, is assigned to the Spanish-speaking students. In addition, instructional assistants are available to support Haitian Creole and Spanish-speaking students.