Student Application Timeline for the 2015-2016 School Year

Printable Timeline (PDF)


Document Name/Process From Received by Deadline
Student Application
(get from Choice District)
Parent or Guardian Choice District 12/1/2014
Notice of Intent to Participate
(If registered in resident district's public school or applicant is Tier 1)
Parent or Guardian Resident District
Lottery held (if applicable) Choice District n/a 12/12/2014
Notice of Conditional Acceptance, Rejection, or Wait Listing Choice District Parent or Guardian 12/19/2014

Student's Notice of Intent to Enroll
in the Choice District
(Submit to only ONE choice district)

Parent or Guardian Choice District 1/6/2015
Registration with Resident District (if not already registered and applicant is Tier 2) Parent or Guardian Resident District 1/16/2015

Late applications: Some choice districts may accept late applications after December 1, 2014 but no later than January 16, 2015. Within this time period, late applicants may be added to the district's waitlist (if one exists) and may be accepted if seats become available, provided that the district does not exceed its approved enrollment maximum. Parents must contact the choice district to inquire about whether it accepts late applications.
Exceptions to Late Application Policy: 

  1. Districts with an enrollment preference policy allowing resident students who move after the application deadline to apply late. This enrollment preference policy should be clearly posted on the district's website, and the district needs to be contacted to find out if it has available choice seats.
  2. Students who receive a waiver of the application deadline.  A waiver may be applied for if a student needs an immediate transfer and can demonstrate "good cause."  A student who receives a waiver will be given priority over any existing waitlisted students.  Request a waiver form by emailing  Contact the choice district directly or visit the choice website FAQs to learn more:

A Tier 1 student must be enrolled in a NJ public school in his or her resident school district at the time of application and for the entire year (2014-15) immediately preceding enrollment in a choice district. If applying for kindergarten, the student must be attending his or her public/free resident district's preschool; or if no public/free district preschool exists, he/she must have a sibling currently attending the choice district to be considered Tier 1.

Tier 2 students include NJ residents who have not attended their resident school for the entire year immediately prior to enrollment in the choice district and do not otherwise meet the requirements for Tier 1. This includes students who have been attending public school outside their districts of residence or private school. NOTE: Not all choice districts accept applications from Tier 2 students. Contact the desired choice districts to find out if they will accept applications from Tier 2 students.

Interdistrict Public School Choice Program
New Jersey State Department of Education
P.O. Box 500
Trenton, New Jersey 08625-0500