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Career & Technical Education: Learning That Works for New Jersey
Marie Barry, Assistant Division Director
Office of Career Readiness
P.O. Box 500 Trenton, NJ 08625
Phone: (609) 633-0665 | Fax: (609) 984-5347

Career and Technical Education Program and Program of Study Approval

A New Jersey school district, state agency, approved charter school, or an approved private school for students with disabilities intending to continue to offer a CTE program or program of study, and that seeks to place or supervise students in apprenticeship training or cooperative education experiences, and/or apply for or receive Carl D. Perkins funds to support the CTE program or program of study, must develop the CTE program or program of study while meeting the requirements established by the New Jersey Department of Education, and must apply to the department for re-approval of the CTE program or program of study every five years* (please see note below).

If you have any questions regarding the program approval and reapproval process, please contact the appropriate Career Cluster® lead. If you have questions regarding your Perkins Grant application, please contact your Perkins Program Officer.


If you are applying for a new CTE program, you may use the "New CTE Program Application". The "New CTE Program Application" and "CTE Reapproval Application" can be downloaded from NJDOE Homeroom.

* The Office of Career and Technical Education is reevaluating the program reapproval process. At this time, please do not proceed with the completion of program reapproval applications. We will be providing guidance in the future.  Submission of new CTE program approval applications will continue during this time and will remain available on NJDOE Homeroom.

CTE Career Cluster® and Program Information

Teacher Certification

Program Advisory Committee

The primary purpose of the CTE program Advisory Committee is to assist educators in establishing, operating, and evaluating the CTE programs which serve the needs of students, business and industry, and to provide expertise pertaining to technological change.  The CTE Program Advisory Committee Handbook details several key roles of CTE Program Advisory Committees and offers a general process to follow in establishing a committee, as well as a variety of templates to use when and where appropriate.

Developing a Program of Study

Technical Skills Assessments

All approved CTE programs must administer, where available, a valid NJDOE recognized end-of-program assessment for each CTE program/program of study.  If an NJDOE recognized assessment is not listed for the approved CIP code, an alternate vendor (3rd Party) assessment may be used and count for state performance reporting purposes (NJSMART).  If there is not an NJDOE recognized assessment listed or an appropriate vendor (3rd Party) assessment available, teacher-made assessments should be used for end-of-program testing, but will not count toward meeting performance indicators and data will not be available in DOE generated Program Performance Reports. Teacher-made end-of-program assessments should be reviewed and approved by the Program Advisory Committee and/or a representative from a related postsecondary program for reliability purposes.

Structured Learning Experiences are experiential, supervised educational activities designed to provide students with exposure to the requirements and responsibilities of specific job titles or job groups, and to assist them in gaining employment skills and making career and educational decisions.

Career and Technical Student Organizations