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Timeline for Implementing the New Federal Cohort Graduation Rate


Reporting of adjusted cohort graduation rate will start with the freshman cohort entering ninth grade in fall 2007.   School years 2007-08, 2008-09, 2009-10, and 2010-11 (including summer 2011).

February 2011 – 2010 NJ School Report Card (reported the last “leaver” rate)

March/April 2011 – 2010 NCLB report issued with dropout rate as secondary measure for high school as has been approved for the last five years by the US DOE.

August 2011 – Preliminary AYP calculations using dropouts as the secondary high school measure..

September 2011 – Using 2011 graduate data from NJ SMART, the DOE will calculate the first adjusted cohort graduation rates for school, district, and state plus all subgroups for publication in the 2011 NJ School Report Card.

February 2012 – 2011 New Jersey School Report Card -- first year reporting the adjusted cohort graduation rate.

March 2012 – 2011 NCLB report – use of lagged dropout rate to determine adequate yearly progress.

February 2013 – 2012 New Jersey School Report Card -- second year reporting of adjusted cohort graduation rate.   First year of five-year rate.

March/April 2013 – 2012 NCLB report -- first application of the adjusted cohort graduation rate (2011) as a secondary high school measure for final AYP purposes.

August 2013 – Preliminary AYP calculations.

February 2014 – 2013 NJ School Report card -- third year of reporting four-year adjusted cohort rate and second year of reporting five-year rate.

March/April 2014 – 2013 NCLB report -- second year of applying the adjusted cohort graduation rate (2012) for final AYP and first year of using the five-year cohort graduation rate for AYP.