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Early Childhood Education

Preschool Guidance & Materials

Refer to our guidance link for articles and statements regarding best practice in preschool programs.

» Guidance on the use of structured observation tools 11/9/15
» Using Title I, Part A Funds for Preschool Programs 3/24/15
» Waiver of family worker ratio and use of Title One funds 3/21/15
» Q&A for districts formerly known as ECPA and ELLI 12/11/14
» The Importance of Hand Washing 12/4/14
» Influenza Fact Sheet 9/16/14
» Table Cleaning and Disinfecting Guidance 8/28/14
» Sample Surveys and Flyer 1/2/14
» Guidance for School Districts on Identifying, Serving and Supporting Homeless Preschool Children and Families 10/22/13
» Guidance on School Attendance for Young Children Preschool through 3rd Grade 9/25/13
» Early Childhood Family Engagement Guidance 7/17/13
» Technology Guidance for Children Ages Birth through Eight 7/17/13
» Early Childhood Classroom Management Strategies 11/23/15
» Response to Intervention (RTI) in Early Childhood Settings (Word | PDF) 8/17/09
» Planning for Holiday Activities and Celebrations
» Facilities Guidance – Recommendations for Existing District Operated Preschool Classrooms
Updated 4/8/14
» Preschool Home Language Survey Model
Updated 11/19/15
» Planning for Meal and Snack Times in Preschool Programs
Updated 4/8/14
» Planning Field Trips for Preschoolers
Updated 10/24/07
» Planning for Pre-Referral Support, Screening and Referral Services in Preschool
Updated 10/24/07
» The Role of the Master Teacher
Updated 10/24/07
» Preschool Celebrations
» Toileting/Diapering in Preschool Programs
Updated 10/15/07
» Naptime
Updated 10/15/07
» Preschool Program Comprehensive Educational Component
» Guidance for the Use of Art Easels in the Preschool Classrooms
» Preschool Developmental Screening
» Preschool Student Suspension/Expulsion Guidance
Updated 4/8/14