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Certification & Induction

Payment Procedure

On- line payment is required for all fees except:

  1. Emergency certificates and emergency certificate renewals – applications and payments are handled through county offices.
  2. Renewals of provisional certificates. – applications and payments are handled through county offices.
  3. Non-citizen certificates and renewals – paper applications are available through county offices.
  4. Other certificates that do not yet appear in the Online Application. For these transactions you will have to use a paper application and pay by check. Paper applications are available through your county office.

When making on line payment click on the "credit card" button and enter your Visa or Mastercard information.

Use the" certificate payment not needed" button if you have already paid for your standard certificate which was included in the fee for your CEAS.  Please note that any additional standard certificates will require and additional fee.

Instructions for payment not needed are here:

Use the "Pay Balance Owed" button located on the left hand side of the TCIS log in page when:
Additional fees for a previous application. For example, use this payment option if a previous certificate application was denied and you have now satisfied the application deficiency and need to make a partial payment.
A provisional teacher program / alternate route completion fee of $100.
An administrator training program completion fee of $200
A standard instructional certificate only if you paid for your certificate of eligibility or certificate of eligibility with advanced standing prior to January 1, 2004.

Instructions for Pay balance Owed are here:

To proceed with making an on-line payment click here: