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Educator Recruitment, Preparation, and Recognition

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Update on Chapter 9 Regulatory Proposal (11-4-15)

On November 4, the State Board of Education adopted the Department's regulatory proposal to update teacher preparation and certification requirements. We are grateful for the collaboration of many educators and other stakeholders across the state on this important effort to support new teachers.  During today's State Board Meeting, Board President Mark Biedron proposed an amendment to the clinical practice requirements designed to give preparation programs more flexibility for clinical practice within course sequences.  Specifically:

  • Programs are still required to provide 175 hrs of clinical practice/student teaching leading up to one semester of full-time clinical practice/student teaching; but
  • Teacher candidates may complete the 175 hours over more than one semester; as long as
  • At least 100 hours still occur in the semester immediately preceding the full semester of clinical practice/student teaching.

We will continue to provide implementation support for each element of the regulations and will update the following materials as needed in the coming weeks:

Performance Assessment Request for Qualifications Announcement

The Request for Qualifications (RFQ) for a Teacher Performance Assessment period has closed; the Department is reviewing submissions and will provide updated information in the coming weeks.

Other Sources of Information

In addition, we launched the Educator Preparation Provider Annual Reports to provide a snapshot of performance data, including information on teacher certification area and employment, placement, retention, and evaluation outcomes for EPP graduates.