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Update on Chapter 9 Regulatory Proposal (5-6-15)

Since the initial proposal to update teacher preparation and certification requirements on February 4, 2015, Department staff members have met with several groups and individuals to discuss stakeholder feedback. On May 6, the Department published the following new documents outlining potential changes to the original proposal that have resulted from these recent outreach efforts. The Department will hear public testimony presented on May 20, 2015 and then intends to present an updated proposal to the State Board for its consideration at Proposal Level (tentatively scheduled for June 3). Accordingly, the changes herein should be considered in draft form and subject to change as a result of additional feedback received.

Information Provided with the Initial Proposal (note: these documents do not reflect potential changes resulting from stakeholder feedback)

Other Sources of Information

On June 4, 2014 the State Board adopted regulations to increase the bar for entry to the teaching profession in New Jersey. Please see following materials for more information:

In addition, we launched the Educator Preparation Provider Annual Reports to provide a snapshot of performance data, including information on teacher certification area and employment, placement, retention, and evaluation outcomes for EPP graduates.